Cat Chair in the Rye Sarah Tafoya PEriod 3

Simple Plan- I'm Just A Kid I'm Just a Kid by Simple Plan shows how a boy similar to Holden Caulfield feels alone in the world and sees how the world disrespecting his feeling. This songs explains that this kid feels like no one cares about their lives. Everyone is ready to proceed in life as a new adulthood. "They lose their jobs if they get caught selling to a minor. I'm a goddamn minor"(10.6). Holden feels like he wants to be a kid again. "Boy!" I said. I also say "Boy!" quite a lot. Partly because I have a lousy vocabulary and partly because I act quite young for my age sometimes. I was sixteen then, and I'm seventeen now, and sometimes I act like I'm about thirteen"(2.22). Almost like a Peter Pan effect. This song clearly explains how he as an individual is alone. Holden just wants to feel a sense of innocence in his life again. [20 seconds into video]

Mr. Cellophane by Chicago Mr. Cellophane is about how a man feels invisible and sad man to the outside world. "What I was really hanging around for, I was trying to feel some kind of good-by"(1.8). He is derived from the hit play, Chicago, where his wife is being tried for the murder of her side lover. All the while he works day and night to help her in her predicament, but the whole time is shadowed by her fame. No matter what he does, he is invisible to everyone. No matter how good of a person he is, no one cares about him, he's just ignored. [45 seconds into video]

The Middle East- Bloods Blood by the Middle East is about loss and tragedy. Both characters lose love ones by the devil we call cancer. "Then I went over and laid down on Ely's bed. ... Boy, did I feel rotten. I felt so damn lonesome"(7.29). Throughout the book Holden Caulfeild has expressed his PTSD because he watched and experienced his brother going through chemo, and in the song the character loses several family members to cancer and speaks of how it effects the rest of his life. "What I was really hanging around for, I was trying ... to feel some kind of good-by"(1.8).This melancholy diction is hidden under the uplifting melody. This song is a metaphor of Holden in the lyrics and the melody like the mask he uses to hide his feelings about his brother. [3 mins into video]

If I Die Young- The Band Perry If I Die Young by The Band Perry expresses the short life people could have with feeling depressed and let down by everyday experiences. "What I really felt like, though, was committing suicide"(14). Holden has experienced this when he decides to try to commit suicide. This song is about taking all of the time you have in the world and use it. "I felt like jumping out the window. I probably would've done it, too, if I'd been sure somebody'd cover me up as soon as I landed. I didn't want a bunch of stupid rubbernecks looking at me when I was all gory"(14). I believe this is what Holden is trying to emulate when wanting to stay young as well. [55 secs into video]

Mr.Lonely- Bobby Vinton Mr.Lonely by Bobby Vinton thoroughly explains how a man goes off to war and never receives and letters or any type of connection with his family back home and feels alone in his adult world. "I felt like giving somebody a buzz […] but as soon as I was inside, I couldn't think of anybody to call up"(9.1). This relates to Holden because he also feels alone because going back to the Peter Pan aspect of the book. "When I finally got down off the radiator and went out to the hat-check room, I was crying and all. I don't know why, but I was. I guess it was because I was feeling so damn depressed and lonesome"(20.37). This overall relates to the song because Holden feels alone in the world with no one to look up to or anyone to even relate to. [1 min 20 sec into video]

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