Carnegie the Captain. Carnegie a captain of industry

Andrew Carnegie is a captain of industry for many reasons, one being that he grew up poor and had to earn all of his wealth.

Andrew Carnegie's Childhood house.

Growing up poor and working from a young age to help support the family, he learned many things about business. He eventually got into a hot topic, forging steel.

Eventually Andrew Carnegie's steel was used for new buildings were the sky was no longer the limit, the Skyscraper.

With an elevator that is more safe, and the steel to make stronger buildings the sky is no longer the limit and people could build up.

Andrew Carnegie began to grow very rich. He bought a castle in Scotland called "Skibo Castle."

Skibo Castle, Scotland.

With all his wealth Andrew Carnegie believed in the "Gospel of Wealth."

Andrew Carnegie payed his workers a lot compared to others. They may have worked longer hours by only a few, but they were payed a lot more and almost enough to support a family for a year.

Gave Newell is a current day captain of industry for the way he treats workers, the way he changed the internet and how nice he was to up sell other games

Gabe Newell.
Normal workers office.
A very popular game made by Valve know as Portal.
Steam is one of the biggest places to host games and by them. Every day new games are being added. Not just games but a way to play with friends the next era is here thanks to Gabe Newell


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