Things you should know about ADOPTED kids. Aundraya Kail

What is it?

Adoption is to take on the legal responsibilities as a parent of a child that is not one's own biological child.

Adopted kids are usually very young when they are put up for adoption. Most around the age of three to six years of age. Mothers who put their kids up for adoption didn't even know that they were pregnant. Some may not have been ready for a child. Responsibility plays a large factor in parenting, and some adults just aren't fit to be parents, some parents who put their child up for adoption may even be teenagers.

Growing up is very difficult for adopted children. They grow up wondering what went wrong. Why their parents didn't want them. Whether they will ever see their biological parents again. Some kids are lucky and maintain a healthy relationship with one biological parent. Others may know their parents but have a very unhealthy relationship with them.

Most kids realize that they are adopted by the age of 10. Mainly supported by genetic looks. 50% of parents will tell their kids that they are adopted while the other half won't. I was adopted myself. I always knew that I was adopted and maintained a relationship with my biological father. Growing up without a biological mother is difficult but the benefits of living with my grandparents has been amazing.

Bio Father's graduation

How does the adoption process work?

On average, it takes from four to twelve months to complete the steps necessary to be licensed to adopt or foster—including submitting an application, undergoing a home study, and attending training.

When you contact a local adoption and foster care agency, you will most likely be invited to attend an orientation meeting where you will find out more about:

Children in foster care

Roles and responsibilities of adoptive and foster parents

The process you will need to go through to adopt or foster

Next steps to take on the journey to adoption or becoming a foster parent

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