Slytherin House Wand By: Brianna Daniel


For this project I am making a wand for the house of Slytherin from Harry Potter. I chose to use oak wood for my wand because as stated on it say that oak wood wands can be influenced to do dark magic and the Slytherin house is known for having kids who convert to doing dark magic. On page 85 of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Mr. Ollivander tells Harry "The wand chooses the wizard Mr. Potter" if a wand were to choose a house oak wood would most likely choose the house of Slytherin. For the core of my wand I am using dragon heartstring. Dragon heartstring is known for being in wands of those who are evil and most likely out of all the houses Slytherin has the most kids who are evil. To find my core I went on and was looking at the characteristics of each wand core and I felt that dragon heartstring best fit Slytherin.

My wand will be 10 3/4 inches long and made out of oak wood. I will be using dragon heartstring as my core for the wand. The wand will have a hint of silver and green because those are the colors of the Slytherin house and symbol. On the wand I will have an S. that stands for Slytherin carved into the bottom of it. Also I will have a serpent on the wand because the Slytherin houses emblematic animal is a serpent. In the book Chamber of Secrets pg 24 Hermione says "There is a reason the symbol of Slytherin house is a serpent." the reason is the founder Salazar Slytherin was a parselmouth which means that he could talk to snakes. Because of this I knew I had to put a serpent on the wand.

In conclusion I chose all of my details of my wand the wood, core, and the design because of their meaning and how they are related to the house of Slytherin. Each material represents something different like the wood because of how the type of wood wand can cast dark magic which some of the kids use. The core because of the type of characteristics it has that relate to the Slytherin house. To the colors that it will have due to then being the colors on the flag of the house. Then there is the serpent which is know to be the emblematic animal for the house due to Salazar Slytherin being a parselmouth.

Journal Entry 1

February 20, 2017 - Today I measured my stick to make sure it was the right length. I cut it at a length of 10 3/4 inches long. I had to skin it by taking off the bark to get to get to the wood. I have tried to make the wand smaller by gliding the box cutter and cutting of wood into strips. Then I tried to smooth it out doing the same thing. I tried to get off as much of the bark as I could. If there was a bump I would keep on shaving it until it was gone because it was to hard to try to cut it off.

Wand after shaving off bark

Journal Entry 2

February 22, 2017 - Today I tried to smooth out my wand and make it kind of even. I made my wand have a point and made it skinnier at the top of it was not as thick as the bottom. I did this by shaving off as much wood as possible. In order to make it where I could carve an S and a serpent into the wand I had to make sure that the end was still thick enough to do so. I cut at an angle going downward to make it skinnier.

Before Thinning It
After Thinning It


February 24, 2017 - Today I started carving a serpent into my wand. In order to make it the way I wanted I had to keep going over the lines. Then what i would do is I would start defining it even more. I used the tip of the box cutter to make the curved lines. Also I chipped wood off around my serpent. Another thing that I did was I shaved off any left over dark spots that I might have missed. Once I finished that I made sure that the end was skinnier than the bottom.

Before Carving Serpent
After Carving Serpent


February 28, 2017- Today I tried to finish carving my serpent into my wand. So I kept on going over the lines and cutting out the wood around the serpent so you could tell it is a serpent. Once I was done with carving the serpent I took some sand paper and started rubbing it against the wand. The reason I was sanding my wand is I really want it to be smooth. It helps make it not as rough as it would be if you didn't sand it down.

Before Carving And Sanding

Journal Entry 5

After Carving And Sanding

April 4, 2017- Today I started staining my wand. First I had to choose the color I thought was best for my wand. I picked the lightest color that had a red tint to it. While staining I had to make sure not to get to much stain of the rag so it wouldn't screw up the wand. I did light strokes to not be rough on the wood and make sure the color was the same on all of the wand. When I was finished with staining I put my wand in the window to dry.

Before staining


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