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These are books that tell me about history.

The colony of Western Australia

  • The Europe people first started on the Swan River by James Stirling in 1829.
  • The colonyof western australia was first sighted on the 1st of June.
  • The foundation and the western Australian colony took place on 12 August.
  • Albany was the first European settlement.
  • Western Australia was being claimed in 1829.
  • The Swan River Settlement was then been named perth and then was Western Australia's capital city.
  • The colony of Western Australia was granted by the British Parliament in 1890.
  • This was to be the first of 43 shipments.
  • The British Government authorised the conversion of Western Australia.
  • Western Australia was settled in three years before the swan river colony.

Inquiry questions about WA colony

Is Western Australia named after someone -no because once the British population had been around to 1,500 people the offical name was then changed to Western Australia
How did Western Australia look before it became an Australian state does it look different to now in 2017-yes because all it was was just a desert hot and dry
What was the hottest day in WA in 2015 -temperatures in WA tipped to hit 50 C in January 23, 2015 10:24
What was the coldest day in WA in 2015 The lowest temperature in Perth for summer from 2014-15 was 19.9 °C on the 16 December.

The swan river colony

  • the name "Swan River Colony" remained informal use for many years
  • Sydney was settled in 1788, the Swan River Colony was not starteduntil 1829
  • The 'Swan River Colony' was the name given to the original British settlement
  • The name was a pars pro toto for Western Australia. In 1832
  • the Swan River Colony was a British colony that was made in 1829.


This Eureka stockade memorial.

Also the Eureka stockade cannon.

My inqury questions the eureka stockade

  • How old is the Eureka stockade?
  • How much of the world know about the Eureka stockade?
  • Dose eureka stockade have a nickname?
  • Was eureka stockade named something before this ?
  • Is Eureka stockade still alive in 2017?
  • Is Eureka stockade able to have people go into the Eureka stockade memorial.?
  • Is Eureka stockade a capital city?
  • Is there more special places that means lots to the Eureka stockade?
  • How many people were buried in the Eureka stockade memorial?
  • What was the Eureka stockade named after?

The colony of New south wales

  • The fleet had an experience of cultivating.
  • The first fleet started Australia's first settlement on the 26 January 1788.
  • He decided upon port Jackson.
  • Captain Phillip decided the site was not suitable and resolved to look for another.
  • On the day of the settlements arrival at Botany bay on the 18th of January 1788.
  • Also the second settlement would have also been at Norfolk.
  • They decided the first settlement would be at Botany bay.
  • New south wales was been lived in by the Indigenous people for more than .40,000 years
  • Before to the arrival of captain James cook in 1770.


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