In the Garden Jewelweed

Found the first plant in 2013 during a daily walk with Molly. I recognized it as a sign that we have a poison ivy problem. I searched for the itchy weed, but in the end, it found me.

The hot weather forced me to switch from protective shoes to sturdy sandals to work in the garden. They are airier but offer little protection from angry red ants. So, after walking too close to poison ivy growing along the forest path, I rubbed my ankles, suspecting red ants or other insects.

I know from experience not to rub the poison ivy oil, but it was too late. The rash spread from ankle to knee. I searched for jewelweed to make a salve but could not find any.

Now I use a plant identifier app (see button) to help identify plants by their leaves.

Jewelweed leaves

Yesterday I found them growing at the base of our apothecary’s rose (rosa gallica officinalis) bed. I also stay away from the poison ivy when not wearing long pants and protective shoes.

You can learn more about Impatiens capensis from

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Joanne Mckinnon