Post-Analysis with Office Hours Visit Learning Outcome four

To begin the process of analyzing my exam, I first went to my calculus professor's office hours. My professor and I went over my exam and discovered what issues I had on the exam.

It appeared that I had many carelessness issues, where I messed up the process of a problem and did not pay enough attention to the problems to catch my mistakes. I did have a few problems where I was unfamiliar with the material which showed me that I needed to study more for future tests. On one problem I lost points just for not showing specific steps. If I had shown them, I would have gotten full credit.

Study and Test-Taking Plan

For my next calculus exam I have developed a study and test-taking plan. This plan includes my completing all Web-Assign homework on time, attending all classes, reviewing information weekly, and attending tutoring 2-3 days a week. Once exam time begins to approach, I will print off old exams to practice and complete them. After completing the practice exams, I will go over them with my tutor to find mistakes and correct them. The day of the exam I plan on doing a light review and relaxing to ease my mind of stress.


I think that I did worse than intended on this exam because I waited too close to exam time to study. I was confused on some parts of the exam because of the information I tried to cram on exam day. I think that I made so many careless errors on the exam because I overworked my brain with math problems right before the exam. The fact that I received partial credit on almost every question shows me that I was familiar with most of the material. After meeting with my professor I was able to infer that if I prepare a little more in advance and pay more attention to my work during the test, I will do much better. My next exam in this class is on April 19 and I plan on using the study and test-taking plan listed above to prepare. I think that by studying a few extra days, lightening the amount of review on exam day, and paying closer attention to errors, I can score a much higher grade.

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