Er ir congregation

El hombre le gusta a comparte
El se gusta a correr
Nosotros comemos comedia
Ella estudia a la biblioteca
El le gusta a leer
Ella es comprende
Yo bebo coke
Yo prometo a mis Makayla
Yo estoy escriber
Yo vivo
Yo rompo mi lapiz
Yo tengo coffee
Ella asista a escuela
Yo decido a failure or successful
Pizza Hut es abre
Un bird venier en mi casa


Created with images by Alan Light - "Share" • skeeze - "runner marathon military" • PublicDomainPictures - "apple diet healthy" • UBC Learning Commons - "Student studying" • kaboompics - "man reading touchscreen" • nuven_ridel - "VOCTEN MULTIMEDIA LEARNING 6" • vwb5 - "Coke Can" • FlyNutAA - "A promise of forever..." • StartupStockPhotos - "office startup business" • littlepepper - "sunrise homigot pohang" • Greencolander - "broken" • Polymanu - "coffee glass beverage" • Daniela_oliiver - "woman black businesswoman" • Ramdlon - "success failure opposite" • grongar - "OPEN" • Orchids love rainwater - "In coming Sparrow"

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