Beach city "Oh you know, Carpet Diem"


My island will have a Mcdonald's placed on the beach side. This isn't your regular Mcdonald's though. it would be completely free and they'd just give you free food


The members of the beach have many competitions to choose who does what task each year. Competitions include many different tasks, testing agility, strength, intelligence, and stamina.

another form of entertainment is each night after the hunters come back to their town and everyone eats supper everyone is free to do anything they please. Such as swimming, playing games/sports, and sitting around a bonfire, or just sitting in their homes.


Small towns are created. Big buildings are supper and breakfast halls, while smaller buildings are houses. One major positive about this utopia is that everywhere you go there is free wifi, unless if it is out of town limits and in the hunting zone.


Everyone is to contribute to the society otherwise it would be unfair, and that is not a trait of a utopia. Elders who cannot associate in any physical activity are to learn how to knit clothing for hunters and gardeners, in replace for their ripped and dirty clothing.


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