case:murder Nicholas Dalton and Taylor Wilkerson

Subjects: Clare Osborn, Donna Osborn, Chip, Clinton Osborn

Position Stance: Defending

Pathos: The victim logically acted out of fear from her husband Clinton who abused her multiple times, threatened her, held her hostage, and set bad examples for their toddler. Donna claimed that Clinton stated that "I know that you've taken my gun, but that's okay you can keep it. Because I'd prefer to use a baseball bat...Do you know what I can do to your head with a bat"(Paffas). This is an example of endangerment towards Donna. Donna also, stated that she had stood there and held the gun in her hand as Clint reached for his bat that was hung on the rack. Donna defended herself and her son to prevent them from getting injured.

Logos: Logically, if anybody was threatening your life, you would prevent the threat from happening. In Donna's case, her husband was a threat and she decided to terminate the threat. If she didn't protect herself and her son they would have been murdered. In addition, when Donna visited her doctor she refused to notify the doctor that she was being abused because, she was frightened of what her husband would do to her. So, jury would you not protect your life?

Ethos: While Donna was in school she was struggling with her school work due to anxiety caused by her husband. Thankfully, Donna met an innocent man named Jack in the break rooms. Eventually, Jack and Donna had multiple conservation about the classes they were taking. Donna's husband came in to pick her up from the break room and violently grabbed her arm. Clint repeatedly accused her of having an affair with Jack (her tutor).

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Nicholas Dalton


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