Ignite Session Skype in the Classroom

Essential Question

How can using skype in the classroom increase student engagement and communication skills?

Description from Skype in the Classroom on the Microsoft Educator's Network.

Day 1-Very enthusiastic 8th Graders

Day 1-Skype teacher, Ben, Virginia Historical Society

Day 2-Hailey House, Dynamic speaker, Civil War Expert

Primary source document-southern agriculture

Primary Source Document-map of us before war

Student Reaction

Enjoyed the Novelty

Thought the speakers were "cool"

Thought it was awesome that they could talk to expert that might know more than the teacher

Were surprised that their job was a job:)

Fun to interact with someone new

Would love to do it again


Created with images by Per Olof Forsberg - "Skype Stockholm Office, Münchenbryggeriet"

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