1960's- JLKH By:Jack And Kristina

The 1960's car is a Shelby's mustang. The original mustang was sold for $2,368.

These are the Beatles and they were the best music around to most people.

Tv's were just invented in the 1960's. Most of the popular tv shows were the Andy Griffith show .

Movies were new to a lot of people and there was not a lot of color or sound. Most of the popular movies were The Almo.

In their free time they painted nice pictures and showed family members.Some of the painters have good attitude and have good postures when they work.

Their houses were vintage and very exciting. Most of the popular houses were vintage and old. They would decorate them with flowers and trees around their houses so it does not look so old.

Dancing was a fun activity in the 60's. Most of the popular dances were the swim and the mashed potato, and the monster mash.

Phones were lucky to have, because they were just invented.

All over the world were hippies.

Neil Armstrong was the first ever to go on the moon in the 60's.


Created with images by Luiz Fernando Reis MMF - "Beatles cor m02" • stevestein1982 - "Old TV" • cogdogblog - "Doughfinger" • TheLivingRoominKenmore - "M Medeiros 1960's art print" • Florida Keys--Public Libraries - "Southard_1020"

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