St Mary's College Newsletter Term 3, 2020 - issue 2


Welcome to Week 5, we have reached our halfway mark of Term 3! We held off on sending out this week’s newsletter as we waited on the outcome of some major projects and wanted to share the good news with you all.

Over the last several months the College has been working on a significant Capital Development application for our proposed Stage 12 plan. This resulted in a wonderful 45 minute imovie, capturing the essence of St Mary’s and the needs of our community. We really wanted to get across how the works from Stage 10 and 11 have helped to revitalise our primary and secondary campus’ and that this was a great time to continue that momentum. Thankfully, CECWA agreed and I am delighted to announce that our Stage 12 Capital Development plan has been approved.

This will result in the construction of the following;


  • A new Pre-primary building to compliment our current Kindy facilities
  • A renovation of Jarrarr Buru
  • The construction of a new garden shed and extended parking
  • New signage and fencing


  • New Administration and Student services- renovation of existing building
  • Construction of new Library and IT centre
  • Reconfigure current library into GLAs
  • New ablution block
  • Reconfiguring of Learning Support
  • Demolish 2 storey building which currently houses our Heads of House and Student Services

This will be a very welcome addition to our current new facilities which are just about to be completed on the Secondary campus. Our new Food and Textiles building, along with a further 4 GLA classrooms and staff hub will be completed in the next two weeks.

In addition to this, we have also had the good news that our application to change our enrolment pattern for St Mary’s College to operate as a three-stream primary, with 25 students per class for Kindy and Pre-Primary has been approved. This is a permanent third stream. This will mean that Kindy and Pre-primary will be capped at 25 per class in 2021, with this new pattern rolling out each year through our primary until the current Pre-primary students are in Year 6. This is a significant accomplishment and we are so pleased that we will be able to build on the quality of the educational experience here at St Mary’s now and into the future.

I am so very grateful to the hard work of everyone involved in developing our submissions and applications and delighted that we have been so successful in obtaining these amazing outcomes for our College.

Mrs Carol Bell - Principal


Link for the Rainbow Run video

Ms Phillippa Mitchell - Teacher Primary

Barbier 211

Ward 192

Rice 184

O'Brien 177


Year 1

1 - Hannorah 1 - Beau

2 - Alayah 2 - Lewis

3 - Isabella K 3 - Raphe

4 - Lei-Lani 4 - Clinton

Year 2

1 - Rachel 1 - Alizai

2 - Willow M 2 - Kassten

3 - Ailish Harvey 3 - Thomas

4 - Zyianne 4 - Olando

Year 3

1 - Indiana 1 - Thomas

2 - Jedda 2 - Ziyrelle

3 - Jaylyn 3 - Alby

4 - Tilly A 4 - Errol

Year 4

1 - Aida 1 - Max

2 - Olivia 2 - Chaz

3 - Charli 3 - Cruz

4 - Zahra / Isabelle Carpenter 4 - Javayce

Year 5 Long

1 - Anthea 1 - James

2 - Denariah 2 - Spencer

3 - Virgina 3 - Will Duplex

4 - Yuane 4 - Waylon

Year 5 Triple

1 - Anthea 1 - Kia B

2 - Virginia 2 - James

3 - Jada 3 - Spencer

4 - Maliyah 4 - Waylon

Year 6 Long

1 - Zuneah 1 - Zai

2 - Gail 2 - Drey/Jesse

3 - Alexandra 3 - Liam

4 - Tasman 4 - Willem

Year 6 Triple

1 - Alexandra 1 - Zai

2 - Jahzara 2 - Liam

3 - Ari 3 - Willem

4 - Mikayla 4 - Drey

Mr Jacob Windle - Physical Education Teacher Primary


The 2020 St. Mary’s College Primary Athletics Carnival was held on the 14rd of August. It was a beautiful morning on the Secondary Oval, with the track once again looking magnificent and ready for the athletes to compete. The feeling from the students when they entered the oval and took their places in their houses for the marching was one of excitement and anticipation.

The Marching Shield was won by Barbier House due to their precise movements and formations. They were led well from the front by their captains and were worthy winners. A big thank you to Miss Josie for once again taking charge of the organisation of this wonderful tradition and well-done Barbier House!

The Athletics started with the 400m for the Year 5 and 6 students and once again it proved to be a very tough race, with lots of competitors going out too quickly and as a result not having enough in the tank to make it strongly to the finish line. After this the crowd really got involved with the Our Mob and Kindy races, the little legends managing to run straight and true.

The team games were also a highlight with some great teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship on display. The House captains also made up some inspirational cheers to rally their teammates. The atmosphere at the oval was electric and a huge thank you must go out to all of the parents and friends who came along and supported the students. The Parents and Friends Association and the Canteen provided refreshments for the hungry masses and it was much appreciated by all.

These carnivals couldn’t run without the support of the parents who help out on the day with important jobs that ensure the carnival can run – timing, handing out ribbons, starting the races etc. The teachers are also vital to the success of the day in making sure the students are ready for their races, helping with the set up and pack up, and providing support and encouragement where needed. A big thank you to all of these people.

It was a close competition this year, with Barbier taking an early lead. Ward then got to the front and held a very narrow lead for most of the day. Clean bays and chanting played a big factor this year, with Ward showing they wanted the victory the most. Well done, Ward!!!


1ST - Ward 920

2ND - Rice 892

3RD - Barbier 885

4TH - O'Brien 829

Mr Jacob Windle - Physical Education Teacher Primary

Thanks to you all for your support of our students receiving the Sacrament of Eucharist.

It was wonderful to have so many at Mass celebrating with our Parish community.

A special thanks to staff that assisted with various roles and a HUGE thanks to Mr James, Miss Jorje, Mr Sonny & Miss Keryn that ensured the students were so beautifully prepared

Ms Coby Rhatigan - Deputy Principal Primary

Mr Nik Martinskis - Head of Learning Area - Religious Education

This was a lovely afternoon where our Year 11 and 12 girls got the opportunity to give thanks to a significant woman in their lives. A big thank you to Ms Annalis, Ms Paula and Ms Tracey for the amazing set up and to our senior students who prepared the food for the event. It was a lovely afternoon shared by all.

Ms Sarah Gardner - Deputy Principal Pastoral Care

Recently O’Brien House celebrate Mass with Fr Alexis. Thanks to all members of O’Brien House for the high level of prayerful respect shown by them. The occasion also included a sausage sizzle that was masterfully cooked by Wes and Levi. Great job. Big thanks also to Mecki and Lennoxx for helping with the serving of the food.

Cooks were Wesley Simpson & Levi Nevill. Thank you lads!

Mr Mark Flanagan - Head of House


Our Year 10 students had their Social last Thursday. This was a great afternoon organised by the students. The night started with chasing games and spotlight followed by pizza and soft drink. Students then got comfy on bean bags and cushions and settled into a movie. The new dance studio was transformed into an amazing surround sound cinema which was an amazing use of this new space. A big thank you to the Year 10 SRC member Matilda Moase who organised and ran the whole event. Also a big thank you to Mark Flanagan and Lea Wilson for their organisation and support on the night. Students were so well behaved and it was a great night had by all!

Ms Sarah Gardner - Deputy Principal Pastoral Care

St 'Stephven’s' lunch time Volleyball Competition The inaugural 'Stephvens' Lunch Time Volleyball Competition made a tremendous start Week 3 Wednesday lunchtime, with students swarming to the courts to catch a glimpse of the action. With five teams entered, including one team of teachers, there was much hype around the highly skilled competition. The format will see two games played a week, on a Wednesday and Friday lunch time for five rounds which will then lead into a final’s series. In the opening round, Court 2 saw Kings of The Nile come away with what turned out to be a reasonably easy win over The Big Fish. The main event, however, was on Court 1 where the teacher team, appropriately named St Stephens, were challenged right throughout the game by The Power Puff Girls. It came right down to the wire, but a skilful ‘Hail Mary’ lob from Tim “Clear As Day” Clear, gave the teachers enough momentum to get over the line in an emphatic victory. With the competition just starting out, there is sure to be much more fun and laughs to be had. Stay tuned.

Year 8s have been completing tonal drawings, here are some vases drawn with pencil and charcoal.
Year 7s have been completing pencil drawings of sneakers, here are some works by Dylan, Cole and Kiahan.
Year 10s have been completing exploratory drawings based on the Broome Pearling History. Today they completed ink and pen drawings using sticks.

Ms Marie Little - Art Teacher


Our SIM program has kicked off in Term 3! We are thrilled to have these wonderful and talented tutors join our program at St Mary’s. There is currently ONE lesson available for PIANO and TWO lessons available for GUITAR – please contact tania.mckenna@cewa.edu.au or contact secondary college reception if you would like to start lessons.

Top Left: Elwood Gray - Guitar Tutor ~ Top Right: Hayden Kuhtze - Piano Tutor ~  Bottom: Nick Eastwood - Drums and Bass Tutor

Mrs Tania McKenna - Music Specialist Coordinator


There are many opportunities to attend parenting workshops on a myriad of topics, such as Supporting Children and Adolescents with Anxiety, Building a Healthy Attachment with Your Child and Tuning into Teen - please head to https://parentingconnectionwa.com.au/ to find out more and register!

Jillian Cottle - Case Worker Children, Youth and Families