A Day in the Life of Leadership Academy Katie Sage, Cathedral HS

While visiting Franklin Hall on Wednesday July 12th, 2017, students of the Leadership Academy tour the Kent and Audrey Beckley TV Studio. There, the students saw all the special features the studio had to offer in TV production and in its interior design. “I really loved the design inside, especially all the cool features they had, like the doors, the wood in it came from different barnyards in Indiana,” said Melany Dominguez of Richmond High School, “I thought it was a very unique experience to go in there and see all these different features that you probably won’t see in other places.
Students listen to a lecture by Diana Hadley, the former director of the Indiana High School Press Association, about dealing with the issue of censorship in high school media. The lecture proved to be interesting and engaging as students continuously asked excellent questions and provided good insight. "(My favorite part of lecturing is) seeing the possibility that (the students) are going to be able to go back to their student newspapers and make their schools a better place," said Hadley.
Students Joseph Bowling of Floyd Central High School, Jessika Jordan-Stephens and Brianna Hendrix of Perry Meridian High School, and Brooke Wyatt of the School of Creative and Performing Arts sit at Diana Hadley's censorship lecture. The experience gave students a whole new insight in how to deal with situations that might arise from censorship. "Knowing about the law in journalism is an important thing to learn," said Wyatt, "This has given me a new insight into things I can take back to my school paper."
Fingers and hands fly over keyboards and paper as Ethan Moore of Zionsville Comm High School, Kathryn Salai of Medina High School, and Melany Dominguez and Shylah Gibson of Richmond High School take notes on a lecture in hall 312 of Franklin. Students found the lecture informative for any situations they may encounter in their own lives. Gibson said, "I wrote a peer pressure story last year, and I had a quote from a girl talking about how she was peer pressured into smoking marijuana. I didn't know if I should publish it or not, because I didn't want the girl to get in trouble. (But) my principle said it was okay, so I wrote the story, and everything was okay."
Erica Song of Columbus North High School interviews Brooke Wyatt of the School of Creative and Performing Arts for the Leadership Academy project on Wednesday the 12th. The project was for students to form groups and to create a two page spread including information learned from an IU press conference about studying abroad in less than 24 hours. "I was interviewing people because I'm doing an infographic about places HSJI students have traveled to and places they'd like to travel to," said Song.
Kathryn Salai of Medina High School works on her own part of her project on studying abroad, which included writing a feature story on the press conference and taking photos of the event. While exhausting, Salai believed that the experience will help her begin to start a new part of her school. "I decided to come to the Leadership Academy because...my school newspaper is so small, I really want to find a way to jump start it and increase staff recruitment and increase the number of perspectives and coverage we get, so I want to engage more of (my) school," said Salai.
Nurani (Ron) Andrus of Princeton High School and Brianna Hendrix of Perry Meridian High School collaborate on their spread about the safety and experience of studying abroad as well as the press conference it was based on. While seemingly easy, a project like this was somewhat tricky for some. Hendrix said, "None of us had a lot of experience with design or photoshop, so it was kind of difficult trying to figure that out on our own. But, I think we did a pretty good job and all worked together pretty well."
As the team designer, Jaden Lester of Martinsville High School works to put all parts of her group's studying abroad project together. For the design of the spread, Lester tried to make it look pretty and clean as possible. About her experience at the Leadership Academy, Lester said, "I'm going to be an editor next year, so it's really important for me to know how to manage the staff. I won't be doing a lot of writing, I'll be doing a lot more leading. I've learned a lot here that I'll take back and fix for next year."

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