six components project Greece by: Jake conway

organized Government

Oligarchy- Is a group of few people who hold power. All citizens share the power of running their government. Advantages - there is more variety and more input to make a decision. Disadvantages - rulers might not agree, some might not be happy with what is going on. Example - back then Sparta used oligarchy as there government style. Direct democracy- is a form of community where people vote for policy initiatives. Advantages - everyone has a say in what happens in the government. Disadvantages - takes more time to hear all opinions, some people could be unhappy, and majority rules. Example - The Athens used the direct democracy style when everyone had power. Tyranny- is someone who takes power and rules with total authority. Advantages- Do what the ruler wants no arguing everyone must listen and it is easy to make decisions. Disadvantages- the leader could make a bad choice and nobody can stop him because he has all of the power, unfair, Not everyone is involved. example - Hitler used the tyranny government style back then. Representative democracy- everyone has a say in power but there is one person in charge. Advantages - most ideas are shared with everyone in the government. Disadvantages - they would always be arguing for what they should do and it could start really bad problems. Example - the USA uses representative government style when they are voting for a new president.

Greek religion

The Greeks believed that the gods and goddesses controlled nature and shaped their lives. The 12 most important gods and goddesses lived on mount Olympus the highest mountain in Greece. From their beliefs it made them believe of the afterlife when people died the Greeks believed their spirits went to a gloomy world beneath the earth ruled by Hades.

Greek art

Drama is a style of art and there are also fables, epics, myths, poems. The art of Greece had an own era called the Hellenistic era and was popular all around Greece. The Greek ideas spread to the roman empire because the Romans ruled over Greece and took their art and skills and brought it to Rome.

Geography and cities

Geography impacted the settlement of ancient Greece because if geography was different the wars would be different and the wars could change and would change a lot in what happened in Greece. It could change a war because there could be different kinds of geography in the way and they would have to go the other way and it could of changed the battle.

class divisions

Each Greek city state was run by members of a political community who treat each other equally and everyone has there own say in what they can and cant do. citizens had rights and they each all had a little power. And it makes the other ancient civilizations different because they all gave citizens no rights no rights at all they would just make them listen to the leader.

writing systems

μψ φαϝοριτε σπορτ ις βασεβαλλ ανδ ι πλαψ τηιρδ βασε ανδ ξατξηερ. my favorite sport is baseball and i play third base and catcher. There are 24 letters in the Greek alphabet. Each letter represents a sound. the Greek alphabet was based on the Phoenician alphabet. It made reading and writing Greek much simpler than ever before. people started writing down tales that had been passed down by storytellers for generations.

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