Tessa Ritchie Cellular Respiration and photosynthesis By Tessa the li


Photosynthesis is the process in which plants create food for themselves. Chloroplasts trap the sunlight in the leaves, which later produces glucose from water and carbon dioxide. Glucose or sugar, provides energy and food for the plant. Then leaves then oxygen, which is then inhaled by animals and humans.

CELLULAR respiration

"Cellular respiration is the process of oxidizing food molecules, like glucose, to carbon dioxide, water, and ATP energy, " Only in humans and animals. Basically when exhaleing oxegen, it breaks down glucose, into ATP energy.

Weird diagram of photosynthesis in action, but the flower won't be scary.
Sunlight energy

Every single plant uses sun light to make food,( sugars ) in the process photosynthesis. Plants store energy in their leaves, which later is Eaten by animals, making the energy flow to the animals. Later on, leaves fall onto the ground and decompose with the help of sunlight and decomposers.

Connection between photOsYntheSis and cellular respEration

Humans and animals breath in oxygen ( O2 ) and breath out carbon dioxide( CO2 ). The plants then intake the carbon dioxide and realese oxygen for us to breath in. The cycle will continue endlessly.



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