Bible Studies for Abused Christian Teenage Girls Lauren Orr

Many teenage christian girls grow up in abusive, unhealthy, unsafe homes. many parents, who's job is to provide support and love to their daughters, are abusive and destructive.
Abuse has detrimental affects on an adolescent girl's identity development, causes loneliness, and increases the change of severe depression, which can lead to suicide attempts.
Abused teenage girls are left without a loving family, and therefore, are in desperate need of compassion and support, and are seeking it from their youth pastors.

Bible studies provide a safe haven for abused teenage girls, which allows them to overcome and be rescued from their abuse, depression, and identity issues.

Bible studies give youth pastors the opportunity and atmosphere to love and support abused teenage girls by coming together and learning about their Heavenly Father's love for them.

If Bible studies are conducted, abused teenage girls can overcome their heart break, abuse, identity issues, and other obstacles that they have been captured by.

Bible studies conducted by youth pastors allow the potential of teenage girls to develop and grow into a new, healthy, strong identity.

Abused teenage girls can find their identity in Christ, overcome their abusive situations, and become happy, strong, and healthy individuals if Bible studies are conducted.


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