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Fusilli Tales: A flight from funny to satire with a refueling stop at sarcasm

Short stories to sweep you off your feet; to right.

With this book, I want to share an easy, scientific and logical system, which people can use with confidence, to generate money from stock markets with minimal risks, if at all. And that too, without devoting hours and hours watching markets rise and fall. The most important target for this book is to let an absolute layman comprehend the system and execute it, without the use of difficult financial, mathematical or jargon-based content. I hope that every layman (in terms of stock market) will find it useful and make money from it. I do not want this to be an encyclopaedia on stock market; instead i have produced a quick and actionable guide for the average investor to act and make money. Go ahead and make money Happy riches to you.
While she sauntered away touring the world, eating, praying, making love or going on hikes in the wild, did anyone ask what became of him? Or did everyone assume that he was just a male animal who moved on to the next available mate? A man’s journey through that separation is what this book is all about. And NO, it's NOT a sob story. It is about how a man understands love.
In this digital age, if we are rearing our children the same way as we were reared, ARE WE DOING ENOUGH? I am a parent and whatever I am writing in this book is what I would do for my own children's safety online. On purpose, I have kept this book as short as possible so that it is a QUICK and ACTIONABLE GUIDE for PARENTS to take positive action. And the book is NOT-TECHNICAL. You DO NOT need any computer or IT background to do these things for your kids. If you have heard terms like cyber bullying, phishing, virus, malware, trojan horse, blackmail, selfie scams, social engineering, online frauds, online money scams, child pornography, substance abuse, social media addiction etc., then you have some need to worry that your kids stay away from these potential pitfalls. If you are a parent of an individual younger than 18, then this book is a 'must-read' for you.

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A book on modern day corporate etiquette with special sections for e-Etiquette and special emphasis for those who deal with offshoring to India

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