Forest murder By: cale duncan

I fell to the ground and face planted into the forest floor. I could see the town from where I was laying, I was so close. I tried to roll over on my back but I can't move. I can feel the blood gushing out of my stomach. The knife was so sharp, it stung as he stabbed me. I felt his hands grab me and turn me over. I attempted to resist but the pain was too much. He stares at me with the knife covered in blood. I looked at his face but could not make it out. I looked away from him and back up at the sky. It was almost morning. The trees looked beautiful against the sunlight. He grabbed my shoulder and brought me closer to his face, he grins showing his chipped and yellow smile. I get a hint of his smell and nearly vomit. He brings his knife up to my throat. I close my eyes and wait for the worst.

It was 10 o'clock I had just gotten back to the cabin from the store to pick up groceries that would last a week. I opened the door dropped the food off at the counter and went to the one room to go to bed. I was too tired to change my clothes so I left them on and just hoped in bed. Something started to scrap the outside of the cabin. There was no tree right beside the cabin so I stood up and looked out the window. I could see a strange looking man right outside the cabin peering through the window. I instantly ran out of the room towards the one phone that had been installed in the cabin. I picked up the phone and dialed 911. A voice came on the phone saying "Hello this is 911 what's your emergence?"

"There's a man outside my cabin!" I yelled frightenedly.

"Ok what's the address and your nam..."

"HELLO, HELLO!" I screamed. I couldn’t hear a dial tone. I dropped the phone and sprinted for the window. I saw the man he was a tall, strongly built man with an old leather jacket, he had red gloves on his huge hands, he had blue jeans on. I looked at his face but I couldn’t see him he had a used up baseball hat that was covering his face. All of a sudden the window cracked. He was breaking in. I stood there in shock with no idea what to do. He jumped through the glass and pulled a large hunting knife out of his leather jacket.

"Come on out, let's get this over with" he said in a crazy sociopathic way. I couldn’t say anything I was to terrified to move. Each footstep he took the floor boards cracked he was in the hallway.

''Its ok it will only sting for a bit" he said getting closer and closer to my room. I ran over to the dresser and grabbed my jacket, I struggled to put it on. When I finally had it on I ran over to the window opening the latches and squeezed through. Suddenly the door flew open, he was staring at me angrily. He ran at me and trying to grab a hold of me. Before he could I threw myself threw the window landing on my part of my wrist and hand. I looked up to see the man right behind me about to jump through the window. I stood up and started sprint towards the road. If I want to survive I would have to make it to the town and he was right behind me.

"Why are you running we are all friends there's no need to run" he said in some sort of screechy voice. I ran as fast as I could but he was right on my tail. He reached out and grabbed me by my hood and pulled me back. He swung his knife towards me cutting my face. I screamed at the pain. Started moving my whole body in every way possible to get him off me. He let me

go as soon as I hit his face. I stood up and ran down the street towards the neighbors cabin. I sprinted up to the door. I tried to open the door to my surprise it wasn’t locked.

"Hello! Is anyone here I need help!" I screamed. I ran over to the counter and stepped in some sticky liquid. I looked down and noticed my shoe was covered in blood. I threw up on the floor and noticed a dead guy laying on the ground. All of a sudden I heard someone walking up the porch. I saw a pair of a car keys I grabbed them and ran to one of the rooms. I saw a bat and grabbed it. I waited by the door ready to hit him with the bat. He walked through the door I swung the bat hitting him in the stomach. He fell backwards, pulling the bat out of my hands. I looked threw the doorway there he was standing and grinning at me. He grabbed me by the throat and dragged me to the window, he started punching me until the window broke. Then he threw me through the window. I landed on my back. I was gasping for breath the fall had winded me. I stood up and touched my face, it was all swollen and bleeding. I and towards the truck, I threw open the door and hoped in and started up the truck. I saw the man standing in the drive way, I floored it and aimed it right at him. He didn’t even move as the truck flew towards him. I hit him, I felt a bump as I drove over him. Finally I was home free, just cruising down the road. I started going super-fast I tried to slow down but the brakes weren't working. I started drifting and flying all over the road. I crashed into a tree and my face cracked the window. The engine was smoking and the whole truck was destroyed. I pushed open the door and fell to the forest floor. I spit up blood and tried to stand up. I fell to the ground not noticing how much my leg had been damaged. I tried once more using the truck as support. My legs where shaking as I stood up. I couldn’t understand how the braked where cut, but I was so close to the town. I could give up I started to walk just along the road. I saw a path about five minutes down the road. It had an old sigh that read "Sickamoose 2km." I was so close I started doing a weird limping run.

Once I was close enough to hear the cars I slowed down. I could barely breath I was so tired, from all the running. I turned around a tree I was so excited and happy I had made it to the town. A sudden scream startled me, I got knocked back by the force of the man hitting me. I looked down to see his knife in my gut. He pulled it out and backed away. I fell to the forest floor, blood pouring from my stomach. He pulled me up and staired at me with a crooked grin. I looked up at the sky, watching the sun come up. I closed my eyes I was terrified and upset, I had been so close to the town. I closed my eyes and waited he moved his knife closer and closer to my throat. It was quiet and peaceful, suddenly a loud shot ran out. I hit the ground I looked over to see a man staring at me. He looked petrified as I lay there bleeding he ran over.

"Oh my god are you ok!" The stranger said. I looked up at him my vision was getting blurry and dark. I was talking to me but I had no idea what he was saying, I looked away from him and up at the trees. It was peaceful as I looked up at the sky. It was all over there was nothing I could do about, I closed my eyes and breathed my last breath and it was all over.

Created By
cale duncan


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