Colombia By Lucas Souza

This is the map of columbia and its different cities. Columbia is located in the South America.

The Rosario Islands is one of the 46 national parks in Columbia and is located 62 miles off of Cartagena There are many different varieties of fish, coral and fish that inhabit them. It was founded to protects one of the most important coral reefs on the Columbian Caribbean coast. This place is hard to get to the islands by boat in 1885, some said that it was dangerous to approach by boat because of how big the reefs were.

The Gold Museum in Bogota was established in December 22 1939 and has been on exhibition for about 77 years now. It was expanded and renovated in 2008 and with that they added a interactive room, a cafe, and a restaurant. The museum has about 55,000 and 6,000 of them are in the new expanded parts of the museum. There is a special piece of the museum called the "Muisca Raft" and it was discovered in a cave in 1886 in a small cave also its only 10 inches long!

Cartagena was named after "Cartagena, Spain" and is the fifth urban area in the country. There are many places to visit there including The palace of inquisition, 1 of 16 fortresses that are still standing, and a public clock tower. There are different festivals throughout the year in the months January, May, March, April, June- July, November, and December. You can go to the "Playa Blanca" which means white beach and relax and swim and if you go farther out you will find coral reefs.

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