A Tour of the Harn Varsha bhasker

Personally, when I visited The Harn this is the shelf that I found most interesting because when you're seeing it in person then you appreciate it more. If I saw this picture online I wouldn't have appreciated the fine details that went into making these works of art. Some parts were smooth, some where ridged, and most of the colors were better appreciated in person because I could see how they were both with and without the light reflecting on them. Going to the museum in person made these works of art more than I would have if I had just seen a picture of them.
Out of all of the places in The Harn, I found this section to be really beautiful. I really loved the spaciousness and the artwork in this wing really captured my attention. I also thought that the lighting was really good. This wing is definitely a good representation of the entire Harn Museum because it is so clean and well taken care of. When I saw this wing I fell in love with the museum as a whole.
This art work is of Lord Ganesh, a Hindu God. I am Hindu and a religious person so this artwork definitely evoked lots of strong emotions within me. I was not expecting to see this at The Harn, but I'm really glad I did because that's when I had a feeling I'd have a good day. The details on Lord Ganesh makes it even more mesmerizing. Again, since I didn't expect to see this it was a nice surprise and left me feeling happy.
Last, but definitely not least is this artwork that I thought is very important for the Good Life. It emphasizes the fact that women are still not treated equally in our society and I believe that is a very important topic. Women in the United States do have more rights than most women in other countries, but for the most part we are still not seen as equals when compared to our male counterparts. All-in-all, just because we have more rights than most does not mean we should stop fighting more equality for ourselves and other women around the world. Achieving that would give many any equal path to the Good Life which is vital.

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