-Men's Shed Vernon- Newsletter January 5, 2020

On the Cover: That's actually a HAPPY BIRTHDAY sparkler! It was January 2018 when the idea for Men's Shed Vernon was first adopted. We're TWO!

Our Mission: We Build Meaning & Wellness into Men's Lives By Engaging Hands, Hearts & Minds.

Hearts: We Did Some Visiting

Let'em Eat Cake!

Some much appreciated Christmas baking arrived at The Shed on the 19th. The carrot cake was awesome!

Phil is always our "GoTo" guy when we want precise measurements...

That's Roy G, enjoying a snack on his own Shed project. He's too busy working to finish it, so we helped him out...

facebook group : Twenty Two MSV guys are now signed up to interact and support one another. Click the link below, and then "Join". Roy U will do the rest. THANKS, Roy!

Hands: We Got Some Stuff Done!

Roy's Tea Cart Project (continued)...

We Opened On A Saturday For The First Time...Nine guys came to The Shed.

WHAT'S LYLE UP TO NOW? He's gearing up the CNC router to make an operating clock! In his spare time, he made Steve a soap dish, trike, and other trinkets. See Scott's cool new vacuum box for sanding work. Well done, guys.

Catalina 27 Sailboat Renewal Project

John H is shaping transom motor mount reinforcements, I think that this is when he's really happy.

John H has several projects lined up to move the sailboat to the lake by this spring. Come and select a small part from the list to get us all to the launch party! It's a great way to say thanks to our hosts.

Remember to Work Safely around The Shed. There are lots of distractions with a number of other guys visiting and working around you.

First Aid APP from Canadian Red Cross.

Download This On Your Android Phone. Thanks to John R for sending this in to us.

Wanted: Scroll Saw Stools. Why let Lyle have ALL the fun. We need a couple of stools for the guys who work at the scroll saws. See the link for some cool design ideas:

We're looking for some new tools. They have to be so cool that you'll drool to come to The Shed.

A wood Lathe. Dave A has expertise to guide us.

A new Drill Press... Our old ones are, well, their OLD. They're not adjustable enough, and lack the precision do do excellent work.

We need a larger band saw with a larger throat, capable of edge sawing boards. John H has his eye on one.

We need some Serious Sanders...

NO...Not THAT Serious Sanders!
Now you're talkin'. Add a big 36" belt sander too.

Come to The Shed and bring your thoughts on the best tools for us to buy. We don't want to moose this up!

Minds - Staying Involved

Important MSV Dates and activities:

Stay Mellow, & Live Longer

The Holiday Season is over...

Throw off the covers and come to Men's Shed. We'll be watching for you...

CMHA Calendar: SafeTALK Seminar

safeTALK is a three- to four-hour training that prepares participants to become suicide-alert helpers. At a safeTALK workshop, participants learn how to prevent suicide by recognizing signs, engaging someone, and connecting them to an intervention resource for further support.

February 6, 2020, 9 am - 12:30pm @ The People Place. Call CMHA Vernon to register.

Don't forget to pay your membership dues. It's only $10 til March of 2020. See Sam Lachman at the Shed.
...please take a moment to visit the CMHA Vernon web site and DONATE any cheerful amount to help us grow. Be sure to designate your gift to "Men's Shed Program." Oh...and by the way - THANK YOU!
Don't forget To Car Pool. We park on Fulton Road Just East of the High School next to the sports field. Our SHED SHUTTLE will pick you up, and return you to your car anytime you like! Just text or call...

Save the Shed Shuttle number...

Save our SHED SHUTTLE phone # on your cell NOW: 250-309-9749
Drop me a note if you would like to add a friend, (or delete) a name to our newsletter mailing list. We won't share it. rverlage@gmail.com
One thing that we WILL share is some quality time, some stories, and some projects when we meet. Don't forget to tell other guys about what's happening at "The Shed"..

We're Open Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, & Saturdays from 9AM - 1PM @ Elephant Storage - 6136 Okanagan Ave. Come and check us out!

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Raymond Verlage


Created with images by Wout Vanacker - "Sparkler I" • Kevin Noble - "I had been at Grand Teton National Park for about a week and this was my final morning. I had not had much luck getting a moose shot so decided to pick a spot along Moose-Wilson Road by the ponds and see if anything showed up. Just before the sun rose, a bull and a cow showed up to grab their breakfast. In this shot, the bull headed towards me just as the sun crested lighting up the flowers, grass and his antlers." • Manasvita S - "untitled image" • Melinda Gimpel - "untitled image" Kal Lookout photo: Infotek.ca Catalina 27 - Boatboss.com String on finger - Zapier.com