video games lets start playing

I. Video games are one of mans greatest creations it allows you to do anything or think anything such as going to outer space either by playing a game all ready made or you could make your own.
II. Next video games allow you to play with people around the world even if they aren't in the same room with you, if you have Wi-Fi then just pick an online game like black-ops and start playing with other people.
III. Then their is the amount of variety their is, their are shooter, rpgs, puzzles, racing, or even building your own world.
IV. Next behold the greatest thing to video games V.R. this is a device that goes on your head and makes it were you can look around and see the game around you and you could even interact with it.
V. Finally it's an open community were some games are free and where you could have constant fun playing with your friends and make new ones all the time so it entertaines and socialize take that outdoors.


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