TOOL everything semi math

Lead singer- Maynard James Keenan

Brief overview: Tool is an american progressive rock band found in 1990. They have been in my life since before i could even talk. It has also so very abstract views making in some sense spiritual.

tools first demo tape was put out on caset in 1991 and it was titled 72826. Why may you ask well it spells Satan on a telephone key pad.


some of the drum patterns in there songs are directly associated with the geometric patterns in pentagrams.

complex pentagram

There song 10,000 days was based off of Maynard Keenans mother having a stroke when he was young. 10,000 days was the amount of days that his mother was impaired till death.

the idea of though needing to be feed like a developing baby

Lateralus is the most math related topic in the bands history. It gives a more abstract look and i view it as more spiritual. It mentions colors that are important to aboriginal culture. The Fibonacci sequence is good for making this concise to complex and simple again. Making a more cone shaped lyrical structure.

Fibonacci in a shell structure

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