For Chrissake By: Emily Stoch (A.K.A. Holden Caufield)

Why the hell does she do that? Acting like you could call Jesus out and then acting like nothing’s wrong is just gonna just leave ya backasswards. I mean yah I called. I called and I just asked what your problem is. If you are gonna act toughy as hell I won’t feel sorry as hell about you. Go on and tell your goddamn problems to someone because if not you gonna end up like another sonuvabitch I know.

He calls and calls and acts like you could say anything you want about God and Jesus and Mary. But really ranting about someone that is up there watching your every move might get you in a pickle. That guy up there is gonna give you the grippe or somethin if ya don’t realize hey I shouldn’t rant bout you.

Like goddamn I can’t stand it when you do it, but people do it all the goddamn time. I just gonna nod and act like it’s alright when you don’t go to church every week but really how could you do that? It’s not like you do anything that day and you should definitely not get a cocktail with her that day. Like me, I rejected her and played hard to get. Learn from mwah. Don’t be so unscrupulous, ya filthy bastard. SO next time yah wanna act toughy as hell, just think about that man up there cuz he will get your sonuvabitch ass outta there.


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