Journey Log Four emma johnston

This week we talked a lot about our monsters. We also watched a video on Donald Trump which was very funny. I liked being able to discuss our monsters with the groups the Professor had assigned. I thought that it made my research go a lot easier. It was also nice to see where they were taking their research. When I was researching my topic, I did find myself going off track. I thought that all of the information and journals were interesting, so I found myself getting distracted. I also found researching the authors to be fun because it was interesting to see where they were coming from because of their background. I found one professor of psychology's analogy to be very different from the analogy of a professor of fantasy. But, also the met on common ground and tied everything together which was really cool. I also found one woman from a different country, and her approach did not have the same flavor as the others. This could have been her background. It didn't have such a Freudian influence.

I wanted to draw what Coraline would be like if she stayed in the other world.

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