Spain By: keirston Manley

Spanish language took most words from Arabic and Latin.
Spanish people are known to eat a lot of sea food. Sometimes they will make rice bowls with sea foods and vegetables.
Spain Industry- textiles and apparel, food and beverages, metals, metal manufactures, and chemicals.
Spain Agriculture- grains, vegetables, olives, wines, grapes, beef, and fish are very popular in Spain.
Spain Exports- include machinery, motor vehicles, foodstuffs, and other consumer goods.
Spain produces a large amount of renewable energy, including wind power and solar power.
Spain's sport activities are pretty much like the U.S, Spain's two most popular sports are bullfighting and football (soccer).
The Spanish national football (soccer) team topped the FIFA World rankings for five consecutive years. (from 2008-2013)
In Spain they wear random mix&match colors, girls usually wear long dress or skirts with a t-shirt. Men wear long pants and a t-shirt they dress how U.S men would.
Fandango is a popular couple dance with people clapping along and guitars and castanets.
The currency used in Spain is the Euro. 1 Euro= 1.04 US Dollar.
One of Spain's popular instrument is the Castanet, they are really easy to play. They make the effect of clapping but the wood makes it louder.
Spanish music usually doesn't have words, but sometimes they do. Spanish music is kind of smooth and relaxing.
Spain's housing is kind of like ours, but their housings have arched door ways and windows.
Most of Spain's religion is Roman Catholic.
Spain's King is Felipe VI. Spain's government is a monarchy government.
Spain is in the south, west part of Europe by the north Atlantic ocean. Spain is in the middle of Portugal and France
Spain is known to b the second largest country in Europe with an area of 505,955 square kilometers. Spain covers 85% of Iberian peninsula which is shared with Portugal.
Spain is the world's third most popular tourist destination in the world after France and the US, attracting a record of 60.6 millions visitors.
Barcelona is famous for the beautiful buildings and scenery bring many tourist.
Madrid is the largest city as well as the capital of Spain. Madrid brings tourists to Spain to see their beautiful fountain of goddess and all the historical landmarks.
Valencia, Spain’s third largest city it gets a lot of tourists because of its beaches, their gardens, and the hexagonal Cathedral. It is the largest church in the city, and their water tunnels off the coast.
Seville is the capital city of Andalusia they bring many tourist to Spain because of the oldest bullring in Spain and Spain’s Royal family on state occasions, the Alcazar complex of royal palaces, patios and gardens.
Spain is known for a number of islands including Mallorca, Tenerife, Ibiza, and Gran Canaria. Many can be found in the Canary islands, off the northwest coast of Africa.


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