Should college athletes be paid. BY solotin santana

Would you like, if you are a famous sporstperson in your university and you put all your time and dedication into that sport, but you never get paid. This is how most college sports phenoms spend their whole college sports careers. I believe that college athletes should get paid. I believe this because, every athlete puts their energy and theirselves in each game they play. Secondly, these players bring a lot of money to the university they play for. Also, paying college athletes gives them a sense of financial awareness.

Every game a athlete plays, has a chance of them getting injured or death. An example to this is NCAA basketballer Kevin Ware. His injury shocked everyone on the planet. It was the playoff series and Kevin tried to block his opponent's shot, then ended on the ground with a ugly injury. Luckily for him, he was back in the court playing again in 6 months time. But other players may have gotten injured, and never play proffesional sports again. But, the university of Louisville also got a lot of money, as the word of Ware's injury spreader around the world.

Picture of Kevin Ware being examined by doctors.

Every time a shirt of a celebrity athlete is sold, and every time a person pays for entry fee to watch a game, the college gets money. Wouldn't it be nice if you get a portion of that money? The NCAA alone get 871.6 million US dollars alone. Now that's only for basketball, but what about the other sports? An example to this is Chris Webber. He was talented in basketball, athletics and baseball, when he went to Michigan state. He got a scholarship, but didn't even had money to buy baseball pants! His mother needed to work 14 hours a day, only for food! Luckily for him, he got into the NBA, but others aren't as lucky as him. This is why college athletes must be paid because they get a sense of financial awareness.

Statistics have shown, that most athletes will go bankrupt after a few years of their retirement. An example to that is Scottie Peppin, had 50 million dollars in his wallet. By winning heaps of championships with Michael Jordan and being the star of the Bulls team. But after 3 years, he owed heaps of money to the bank and was bankrupt. By buying a 4 million dollar jet that didn't even work, then buying a million dollar house, and by making bad investment choices. This not only happens in basketball, but Peppin is just one of many other athletes that are now, bankrupt.

In summary, college athletes should get regular pay like most professional athletes do. Every university gets paid from the association that the sport is run by, and most universities become famous and get heaps of money from college-athletes. So people should know how hard these players lives are, and how much they need to sacrifice. Would you like your son to get paid when he is in college?

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