Mrs.Brown's Classroom By:Amelia

My favorite place on campus is Mrs.Browns classroom. It's my favorite place on campus because I have so many memories in that class room and I have a lot of memories with Mrs.Brown. Whenever I walk in that class room I always smile because I see everyone smiling when they're in there. I feel really happy when I'm there. One of the memories I have in that class room was when I was teacher of the day. I got to act like Mrs.Brown for a whole day! That was the best day of the year for me. I got to skip every class and Mrs.Brown and I went to Starbucks. We got the same coffee. That day was amazing. That classroom is my favorite place on campus's also because of Mrs.Brown. Mrs.Brown always comforted us and she always made me laugh. Everyone loved Mrs.Brown as a teacher and everyone will always like her as a teacher. Everyone thinks that Mrs.Browns classroom is a ordinary classroom but really it's not. It's Mrs.Brown classroom.

This is my ornament I made representing Mrs. Brown's room. I did a bunny because she has a bunny named Roderick and he is always running around the classroom. I had so much fun making this ornament. I was very proud when I saw my ornament hanging on the tree with all the other beautiful ornaments. This was so much fun and I hope I get to do something like this again!

This is my Diamanté poem I made about Mrs.Browns ClassRoom and about St.Stephens.

Quotes about Mrs.Browns room

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