My reflection By jason Houck

There are many things that I've noticed about me throughout the semester from my writing to study habits and overall attitude towards school. While I may be in more advanced classes, it seems that I have less to do. This could be because many factors, including difficulty, work load, and time available to work.

Many times I have procrastinated, and waited until I had little time to do the work. This is something that has been a problem throughout high school, but even more so this year. Instead of getting the work done, I end up reading a book or watching TV and movies, or more often than not, going to sleep for one to two hours after school. One example of procrastination is this reflection. I had planned to get most, if not all of it done over the weekend, only to wake up Monday having not written a word. I believe I have been procrastinating for many reasons ranging from an increase in available time from quoting wrestling to "senioritis." Wrestling used to take up my time from three to five in the afternoon everyday with just practices. Now with that available time, I end up relaxing and taking a break from school, saving the homework until, later that night. After I complete the homework, I usually want to relax, so I watch TV or read a book. By the time I actually go to bed, it's nearing midnight, and generally takes me a while to fall asleep, cutting heavily into the amount of sleep I get each night. This causes me to be tired in the mornings, so by the time I get home, I want to sleep instead of work on homework, and then I'm not tired at night, repeating the process. Knowing that I have this problem, I understand that I can vastly improve by just getting the work done early, allowing me to go to bed earlier. No longer being so tired, I would be more incline to get the work done and then relax.

Despite this, I generally seem to get my homework done and maintain good grades, grades that are better than the previous year. I think that while I have been procrastinating, I still have much more time available than before, allowing more time to get it done despite the wasted time. I have noticed that I have improved my writing throughout the high school, especially this semester, but still have problems in one aspect of writing. While my syntax and sentence flow has improved, many times I still forget to use enough evidence. This hampered my grade on the persuasive essay we wrote this year. Mr McKinney left a comment saying that the evidence was on topic and that the essay was "effectively persuasive" despite being "overly brief." This is a problem many teachers have pointed out, and is something I need to work on. If more evidence is used throughout my essays, it will provide more content and a more effective paper.

This year was the year that my grade applied for colleges. The majority of these colleges require an essay to apply, or at least have the option for one. This is also true for many scholarships and other college functions. My writing has improved in part because of the essays I had to write when applying, and also because my and other family helped me write and rewrite several times. It taught me how to go about improving my writing, starting with just writing, then making changes in words and sentences flow to make it sound better and meet the requirements. Using this process, my papers have improved in quality and content, provided that I write it and leave time to edit the paper.

Understanding ones strengths and weaknesses is important. It shows them where they need to improve and where they know they can be effective. Using my understanding of my strengths I know where I will do good and how to effectively use them to succeed in the future. O es weaknesses aren't their u doing, provided that they understand them and try to improve them. Knowing my weaknesses, I will strive to improve upon them to strengthen my writing and character overall,

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