Health Survey Does gender affect how healthy/fit you are?

In this survey, I asked 10 seventh graders (5 male, 5 female) some questions about their health and physical activity

The first question I asked in my survey was a bout dedication. How much willpower do you have when eating healthy? How dedicated are you to eating healthy and working out? The overall result for females was 4, and for males, 3. This was around the range I was expecting when putting the survey together.

For my next question, I asked about exercise levels. It appears that the most frequent answers are every day and one day a week. I was not expecting these results. I was expecting more every other day, and every day. For females the overall was every other day and for males, every day and one day a week.

What do people do to be fit? The top answer for females was eating healthy, running, and general exercise (everything except for other). The top answer for males is eating healthy and running. This wasn't very surprising since they were very general choices.

How much sleep do you get? Top answer for females was 5-7 hours of sleep. For males, 8-9. Teens tend to stay up later, causing us to get less sleep. Whether it be because we're watching Netflix, on social media, or just texting with friends.

How healthy do you eat? Top female answer was semi healthy and healthy with slip up days. Top male answer was semi healthy and healthy. As teens we eat A LOT of food! Especially when we are stressed or bored. Dieting isn't necessary thing for teens, but some do. It all depends on you.

The more colorful, the healthier! The healthier, the better!The overall healthiness of a female diet is extremely colorful. While a male's is colorful. Like I said earlier, dieting isn't a huge thing for teens, but you do need to eat healthy.

My results show that gender could have a role in how healthy or fit a teen is, but I feel I should do more research before I conclude anything major. If I had to made a conclusion from the information I have, I would say it does. Society can also have a role in this but no questions were asked about that. That was my presentation, thanks for watching!


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