Training Programs Quantify Your Results

Our Facility

The Golf Lab is a world-class, next generation game improvement, research and club building studio. Our scientific approach to the game ensures every change is quantifiably better, which allows golfers to improve quicker. Our programs are guaranteed to create more efficient kinematic movement to effectively lower scores.

Baseline Testing

At The Golf Lab we are armed with the latest golf technology to create the most complete feedback loop for a golfer.

Every student is required to complete our proprietary Baseline Testing, to ensure we are able to give the absolute best diagnosis possible before making any changes. This scientific approach to the game ensures we never guess, only measure, so everything done at The Golf Lab is quantifiable.

Ball Output Data
Club Delivery and Impact Data
Ground Reaction Forces and Pressure
Full Body and Club 3D Capture

Our Programs

We have five branded training programs that are designed for any player to acquire a specific skill. We believe that developing skills makes better golfers, not individual lessons. Since 2009, players of all levels, including PGA Tour, have successfully engaged in these programs and consistently shown quantifiable improvement.

We currently boast a 95% success rate amongst students that complete the full curriculum.

Basic Fundamentals

This is designed for the recreational player who is looking to make some improvement to their game, but does not have the time to invest in a total overhaul.

Skill Specific Programs

Solid Contact

This is designed for the player who is looking for consistent yardages. Struggling with distance control is a result from inconsistent impact control.

Before (Red) and After (Blue) Solid Contact Program

Shot Shaper

This is designed for the player that is always searching for their golf ball! Learning how to control face angle and club path are essential to tighten dispersion.

Before (Red) and after (Green) Shot Shaper Program

Short Game

This program is designed for the golfer looking to put the ball in the hole easier. Learning how to use your wedges gives the golfer a tactical advantage to playing every scenario.

Learning how to read and control your putts on the green prevents the dreaded three putts and gives the golfer more opportunities to hole their putt.

Power Golf

This program is designed for the golfer that is tired of going first after every tee shot. Learning how to create an efficient club delivery allows the golfer to maximize energy transfer to the ball.

All the Skill Specific Programs are curriculum based and focused on a specific skill. Each are offered in 8 and 16 week segments, which follow this criteria:

  • Baseline Testing
  • Curriculum Execution
  • Exit Testing

Skill Specific Programs include:

  • Solid Contact
  • Shot Shaper
  • Short Game
  • Power Golf

For More Information

Carson Hau, Managing Partner
  • carson@mygolflab.ca
  • 289-271-5767