Virtual visit of the Accademia Carrara Museum in Bergamo Italy transnational collaborative learning activity

Authors: Scafati Miriam (Italy) and Ampla Maria (Grecia)


Two partners school are going to take a virtually visit the Museum of Accademia Carrara in Bergamo. They are going to learn about the permanent collection and visit the several rooms. They are going to learn about famous painters.


Students will improve their English skills and their ICT skills. They will learn about Art and famous painters. They will use specific lexis about Art and learn how to describe a painting. They will prepare presentations of some artworks in the Gallery. They will learn to give feedback and comment on each other's work in a positive way. Since they will present and comment as well, they will develop communication skills. In their own classes they will learn to work together with others in a team while creating their presentations.

Work Process

Student will be divided in groups of four. Each group will describe a painting, say who are the painter, when they lived, why they are famous. Their descriptions will be collected in a presentation using 2.0 tools( Prezi ). The presentations will be published in TwinSpace. The students will be the museums guides and present different aspects of the permanent collection in the Gallery. They will work in teams with cooperative learning method.


Website of the Accademia Carrara, worksheets ( Power Point, Prezi, Popplet, Padlet, Twinspace, Forums,…)

Expected results

The schools will make an ebook and there will also be added some videos of the groups in which the students play the roles of the museums guides.


The students’ comments; feedback (A series of questions, for example: What did you enjoy most about the activity? What did you learn from this activity? ….)

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