Pasture Valley Newsletter May - October 2020

2 Corinthians 5:7 - "For we walk by faith, not by sight"

Camping, Crayfish and Canoes

A while back Peter and I have felt that we needed to build confidence in the children. We had a pizza night and then also took some of the older children to camp out at Lusip dam. It was a special time as the young adults learnt how to paddle ski on the dam, catch freshwater crayfish and learn how to cook it and have lots of ice cream!

Farm Happenings

New staff

We are very honoured to have Gogo Constance’s legacy continue… her daughter, Nomsa, applied for a job at Pasture Valley and has been appointed as our receptionist. We also have a new preschool teacher, Tebukhosi, and our staff continues to grow.

Vegetable Gardens

The children’s vegetable gardens are flourishing and it warms our hearts to see how they generously share their vegetables with everyone. They proudly present their spinach and beetroots to us and how proud we are of them! The little plots have been extended and the rains have come. The children have collected their maize seeds and planted them already and we look forward to seeing some delicious maize soon! Junior has embarked on a chicken project. He has built a good chicken coop and will soon buy some laying chickens.

A New Property

By God’s provision, Pasture Valley has recently bought a property in town (1.5 hectares) and we are praying about what God would have us do with it. Many years ago we felt that it would be important to put up a sign at the entrance of the town letting people know about Jesus. Thousands of cars have driven past this sign over the years as it proclaims : "Nhlangano for Jesus!" It is this same land that the sign was put on that we ended up purchasing. God is faithful.

Back to School (for some)

Some of the children have returned back to school such as the Grade 7’s, Form 3’s and Form 5’s. However we have recently heard that the other grades will not be returning to school this year at all. At Pasture Valley we have been running school in the mornings starting with devotion time at 7.30. We are very grateful to all the teachers who have jumped in to help teach the children daily.


As part of their outreach the children went to Hlatikulu to help paint a preschool at the Anglican church. The children also walked to their primary school in town and helped plant some flowers and shrubs and made the school look beautiful while some of the boys helped cut the grass.

We are Calling to Let You Know that You Tested Positive for Covid-19!

You never think you will be a victim until you become one. It came as a great surprise after I took a Covid test to be able to travel to South Africa that I was positive for Covid! All the fears came down on me and the questions began. What if? I was told to go into isolation immediately for 10 days. Nurses visited, doctors called and the fumigation team came and fumigated my office and home. But the worst was being isolated – not being able to see others and see the children. And then the feeling that one gets that you are unclean- like a leper- and no one wants to get near you and they fear you. You are alone. Psalm 88: 8 “You have distanced my friends from me, you have made me repulsive to them, I am shut in and cannot go out” King David. But I can testify to God’s faithfulness and in trials, I rejoice! For His goodness endures forever.

New Drivers

A number of our older 'children' have taken driving lessons and passed their tests and are now driving around. Among them are Lindani, Phumelele and Ncamiso. We are very proud of them!

The Girls are Getting Going - Go Girls!

Zethu has been accepted at Limkokwing University and will be starting her 3 year course in Journalism and Media. She and Nelsiwe are sharing a flatlet in Mbabane and are really excited about studying. Nelsiwe will be studying to complete her final semester in Paramedics

Hlobsile has also been accepted at the CIT college for a Diploma in Education in January next year and will be joining her sisters. In the mean time she is helping out at Pasture Valley. Zinhle has started her own business in hairdressing this month and is renting a space in Mhlabanyatsi. She bought some of her supplies and gave a demonstration to the girls at Pasture Valley.

Image recently was given the opportunity to job shadow Dr Simelane who is the local vet in town. Image has a genuine love for animals and would like to help animals one day. She had no trouble helping put back a uterus in a cow

Prayer Requests

  • To trust in God in the times ahead and to leave all in His hands as changes take place
  • For the children to remain rooted in Jesus and to focus on His plans for their lives
  • For the children writing exams to do their best
  • For health and protection of all the Pasture Valley family
  • For the children starting out at Universities
  • For peace and faith and love

Please pray for Zama. She has to go for dialysis every second day because her kidneys are failing. She needs a transplant but the centres are closed due to Covid and she is not strong at the moment. We were able to get her a blood pressure meter. She requested to start a chicken business to bring a little joy into her life as this is what she wanted to do to keep herself busy as she was not able to go to school. The chickens would also help her to pay for her transport costs to hospital. We hope the little chicks will bring her much joy.

Thank You

One of the children wrote this:

We pray that the Lord may bless you. We pray that your giving hands be blessed abundantly. We also pray that we may go where God sends us and use us to do His will. In everything that you do may His name be glorified. We really hope and pray for all this in the name of Jesus. We are confident that God will enlarge our family. Matthew 28:19 This gives us hope that the children will seek to enlarge God’s kingdom.

That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong. (2 Cor 12:10)

2 Cor 12:10: This verse is on the wall in my office and it is not until you actually experience betrayal, insults, rejection and suffering that you start to understand the meaning. This time has been a time of testing. But God is faithful and His love endures forever. It is in times like this when you need encouragement and have to hold onto Jesus. In a card written earlier this year, Nontobeko wrote: “ We love you and we wish that you never give up on us”.

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Matt 28:19

Matthew 28:19 Gives us hope that the children will seek to enlarge God's KIngdom

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