Ch. 9 Team Time: Protecting a Network By Tony Callender

A school alumnus is in charge of the county government computer department and must evaluate and administer free software to protect the employees computers. The computers being used have various operating systems installed.

We have chosen to tackle the issue of firewall protection. A firewall is a piece of hardware or software (most non-network users will use the software version) that is designed to protect a computer from hackers by packet filtering (inspecting the incoming data packet for port destination) , logical port blocking (restricting or closing access to seldom used logical ports), and using network address translation to hide your computers IP address.

The computer owners have been asked to navigate their web browsers to Gibson Research Corporation to evaluate their computer's vulnerability and need for additional firewall protection. Those needing a better firewall as dictated by the results of the tests at will be directed to use one of three free providers: AVG, Norton, or Comodo.

Although the firewalls included in the newer operating systems like Windows 10 and OS X are better than they have ever been, the add in antivirus/firewall software service still adds superior protection.


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