VITAMINS fINDING a healthier way


When you here the term vitamins you often think of some form of pills, well I am here to present an alternative solution to assist you in getting rid of vitamins all together allowing yourself to indulge in healthy things created from the earth such as vegetables and fruits.


Make a friendly visit to your doctor to find out what areas of your body needs what nutrients. Then do a little research to see what is the intended amount of nutrients your body is suppose to have. Next find something that is healthy that you can mix the nutrients with. This will create a satisfying drink or snack you can make it into what you like.


Nutrient shakes are common among a lot of people and are great for individuals who are always on the go. The Ideal is to love and care for your body being cautious of what you put in it. Remember you get out what you put in so why not make the best of it.


Fruits can provide the body with a substantial amount of nutrients. Most individuals that are not allergic to fruits can indulge in this light but healthy snack. Fruits can be substituted for a nutrient shake and made into a delightful fruit smoothie.


You don't have to limit what you eat just make better decisions in what you chose to eat. In the photo above you see a delightful treat, if you don't like blueberries substitute them for strawberries. Your treat should be what you like but with added fruits of your choice and you can even throw in some yogurt with it.


Once you've figured out the healthier way what else is it to do but enjoy some sun and relax. Knowing you have a long healthy life ahead of you.

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Akeem Smith


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