Feminism Anthony Bray

Feminism not just an idea, or a thought, or even a belief that the one crazy person in your class thinks. It's a right. A right for every woman everywhere and it's based on the fact that you shouldn't be treated differently. How insane is it that people have to fight for this, that there are people that need to wake up in the 21st century and have to fight and shout and argue people to get the right to be equal. I however am not one of those people, I am not going to force you to believe something, I am just someone defending the right when it is attacked. I am just someone who thinks women should get what they deserve. Equality.

Personal Response #1

A League of Their Own is about a women's baseball league is formed due to MLB shutting down due to the players entering World War 2. The officials of the league decide in order to save the sport they must act fast, so to try and make money they create a women's baseball league. The Rockford Peaches take on all the challenges men do and more such as cat calling, doubt and lack of viewers. But in spite of these all they become a huge success and prove that women can do it too, the Peaches take on the best of the best and make it to the World Series but sadly lose. I believe that this touching story is magnificent in proving then men aren't always the superior gender, Women are just as capable. Little girls need to watch this movies as they will face some of the same challenges the Peaches did and they need to know how to deal with them. Theese girls faced self doubt just all girls do in some point in their life but like all girls should do, they persevered, when they faced adversity they kept pushing and never gave up because that was their passion was. If they can do it anyone can do it, it doesn't matter your gender or your race every woman can.

Personal Response #2
Compare and Contrast

The songs "If I Were a Boy" by Beyoncé and "Confident" by Demi Lavoto are both similar and different at the same time. On the one hand the songs and the artists are both huge supporters of feminism and equality for both genders but they both express their opinions differently. "Confident" speaks about how she is dangerous and how she doesn't care what people think and she is finally going to show the world her true self and be confident about it. "If I Were a Boy" is about what the artist would do in the other shoes and it try's to show the listeners how it feels to be treated the way she is. A couple of the differences are that "Confident" is telling about what is happening and what is going to happen whereas "If I Were a Boy" is telling what would happen speaking hypothetically. Also one song is a criticism of boys and the other states how awesome and cool the artist is so while both songs and artists agree boys are inferior to women and how women make better decisions and are just generally more boss then men they just tell different stories. These songs are just two examples of how feminism can be expressed in many different ways weather its criticism, self-praise, a soft song, or a explosion of equality right in your face, feminism can be expressed in many ways.

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