Sawtooth Lessons By Andy Bentz

The Sawtooths have been more to me than just a mountain range. They have been life lessons and my teachers. They have shaped my life and who I turned out to be. They have so much to teach if one takes the time to listen.

The city of spires lies above one of the steepest hikes; taunting you until the last moment, til finally it opens up and lets you in.
An unmatched yet under appreciated waterfall flows from Upper Cramer Lake down into the soft waters of Middle Cramer Lake; I hope many more can see its majesty.

They're filled with dreams and illusions. A fantasy land that's a reality at the same time. The ultimate playground. A place of infinite possibilities and adventures.

A lack of proper gear, while a deterrent, has never stopped a perfect photo. Toxaway Lake.

There is no other place in the world like this. The scenery will completely change with every step, making you wonder what lies around the next corner. No matter how long you've been out there, even if it's for years, it'll still leave the mind mystified.

For me Redfish Lake Creek canyon has always been the heart of the Sawtooths, offering brilliant sights and lifting my spirits and motivations to new heights every trip... Though a towering giant, El Capitan hides only a few lakes, their beauty and views an epitome of Sawtooth lakes.

All the destinations reached will be an ultimate victory that will leave one with the memories that cannot be forgotten. This special place truly has something for everyone.

(All photos by Andrew Bentz.)