Chapter 5 Lesson 3

Around 1900, schools began practicing a new educational philosophy.

In this picture Tuskegee student construct a building. Such efforts show Tuskegee's emphasis on self-reliance and education in the trades.

This picture shows the poet and novelist Paul Laurence Dunbar was one of the first African American writers to gain international recognition.

In 1910 colleges such as Hampton Institute and Howard University provided higher education for African Americans.

In her long career, Edith Wharton wrote more than 40 books. Her work included novels, short stories, poetry, and nonfiction.

By 1910 almost 40% of all American college students were wemon.

The first college football game was played in 1869.

In th first basketball games developed by James Naismith the players shot a balk into peach baskets.

For most of the 1800s, most American art and music reflected the influence and styles of Europe.

Winslow Homer, whose 1874 painting The Sick Chicken is shown here, was noted American painter.

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