sweden by:oktobeR

name: Sweden (long form) kingdom of Sweden

Capital city: Stockholm

money:Swedish crowns

Sweden population: 9,199,423 in 2013

lagnuange: Swedish


Did you know Alfred Nobel was born in Stockholm? Sweden is a country in Europe, has a lot of coast line is the fifth biggest country in Europe. In this country you can see the royal palace of Stockholm, learn about Alfred Nobel, and celebrate national day.

Swedish flag

palace of stockholm

The Royal Palace Of Stockholm is a famous tourist place in Sweden. The Royal Palace of Stockholm was built by Nicodemus. He also designed it with 600 plus rooms. The palace is a daily working place of the king and queen as well as many departments that make up the Swedish Royal Court. The interior shows information on the lives of many pharohs from the 1700s and up. The Royal Palace of Stockholm is a very important place.

The Royal Palace of stockholm

Alfred Nobel

Alfred Nobel was one of the richest people of his time. He was born on October 21, l833. Alfred Nobel was a buisness man and a inventor. He invented detonaters and dynamite, but sadly accidently blew up his brother, Emil and many other people in 1864 in the process. By the time he was 17 he was fluent in Swedish, Russian, French, English, and Germen. He also established the nobel prize. Alfred Nobel died on October 10, 1896. Alfred Nobel was most definetly an amazing inventor.

Alfred Nobel

National Day

national day is a very important holiday for Sweden. National Day is in honer of Gustave Vasa becoming king, and on the same day but a different year Sweden adopted a new constitotion. In 1916 June 6th became national day. in 2004 National day became a public holiday more people may have celebrated it. National Day is a pretty cool holiday if you live in Sweden.

National Day

Now do you see why Sweden is such an interesting country? With so much coastline this is an amazing place to visit. Sweden has many places to visit, a lot of landmarks, and has many holidays to celebrate. Next time you want to travel come to Sweden.

Swedish flags


Famous place



Famous person



Famous holiday




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