The Island of beluier A land of utter 'amazingness'...

The island of Beluier

Introduction: The island of Beluier

On the day I discovered the island of Beluier, I had been quietly puttering about at sea in my boat when I suddenly became aware of the spectacular-looking island I hadn't seen before. Such hills, mountains and people were in my view of sight. There were big islands and small islands. And there was a huge lake that centred them. I had to explore...


Beluier, the main island, is home to the centre lake-or as the people prefer to call it-the miraculous water of formation. I later discovered that this was the island that I saw first. This was by far my favourite; full of odd and intriguing animals and mountains a mile high. I noticed on my 'tour' that there is an airport here, but it does not run anymore. The people say that a man came here 50 years ago called Yionie Hights . He brought many new ideas here such as the plains and trains. But they also say that he cursed Belu mountains to reach temperatures of -26C. It is also home to many of beluiers animals. These are : the only 18-legged spider, the lizark and the lengthy-winged sparrow. Each one is as bad as each other, and none of which I want to meet again : the 18-legged spider eats most things (including what was my suitcase), and enjoy taunting the people it covers in its everlasting web. The Lizark is sneaky and grabs you with its sharp tail and bites you with its needle-like teeth, and the lengthy-winged sparrow pooped on my head.

The airport--->

Its many mountains are all, as I said, cursed and are all producing about 50 avalanches as I write this. A narrow, rickety train line shakes like crazy and only-just misses the rocks that have fell down mountains in the past. This was in fact the train line I travelled on. It went to : Belu, Simer, MI and Marder-the four islands. On the other side of this deathtrap was the miraculous water of formation. The lake which builds Beluier. The only reason I could get here was because I was the 'chosen one'.

<---The lake of formation


Simer was my next stop, and as soon as I stepped of the train i felt compelled in utter beauty. It was a large grassland and had a massive castle which I marvelled at first sight. The thick, long grass waved in the hot, summer-like breeze as little red and yellow flowers appeared in random bursts. These flowers , I learnt, could be dangerous. One, called the anem, could rip of arms. And some sprayed a poisonous gas! Most of them lived in simwood( simers forest ). I did meet one of these horrible plants, and it was not friendly!

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