Are teachers depriving students of motivation? A large sum of students are lacking motivation in school work, are the students themselves at fault or are the teachers to blame?

It is clear that a lot of students, particularly in high school, are not motivated to do schoolwork. Some research to back this up is...

The National Communication Association stated, "Two studies investigated the relationship between teacher immediacy and student state motivation and the combined impact of these factors on learning. Study One participants completed all instruments based on a preceding class. The scales were randomly split between students in Study Two who completed them based on an intact class. Correlations revealed significant relationships between learning and both immediacy and motivation. Regression analyses indicated both unique and co-linear predictability of learning by nonverbal immediacy and state motivation. Immediacy appears to modify motivation which leads to increased learning. Important implications of Study Two data indicate relationships observed in earlier research were not a simple function of confounding when scores were reported by the same subjects completing multiple instruments."

Motivation directly correlates to learning and success in school, so why aren’t students motivated? Well, some reasons that a survey at PRHS has said is, "Some teachers are more likable and engaging than others. They make you want to participate." Some of the students at PRHS believe that some of their teachers are more likable than others, and that when their teachers aren't very likable they won't be as motivated to do their work. Students have also said, "In 8th grade, a teacher told me I wouldn't attend college because of the grade I had in her class." and, "My teacher said that I'm failing her class and won't be able to get anywhere in life if I don't do good in that class" But some students said that their teachers affect their motivation very positively, "if your teacher tells you u cant get your grades up than it can effect your motivation to do things" And "My teacher Mrs. Barringer sometimes would inspire me to do my work instead of messing around with friends." This means that teachers are in fact motivating and improving the work of the some of the students at PRHS.

This graph shows the percentage of students interviewed that either stated that their teachers do, don't, or sometimes affect their motivation.

・ 58.3% of students interviewed said that their teachers sometimes determine if they are motivated or not

・33.3% of students interviewed said that their teachers do determine if they are motivated or not

・8.4% of students interviewed said that their teachers do not determine if they are motivated or not

An interview with Ms.Duston, a teacher at Paso Robles High School, gives us a look into a teacher's side of the story. She stated, “I do think that having a welcoming classroom and helping students find the correct answer is a way that motivates students to work and by giving good feedback like, Si, se puede! or Muy bien! The point system also motivates students to participate if they want to go to the pizza party. I do say good job to students or provide positive feedback. I stamp 5 a days. I display work from my students. I am trying to reinforce positive feedback in different ways.” Based on this statement we can see that some teachers are trying to make a better environment for their students and help them stay motivated. And while yes, some teachers sadly just aren’t fit to motivate students in the way they need, there are some great teachers out there who are willing to help.

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