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Capital Strong Ventures provides

Entrepreneur's and Start Ups both products and services to help them strategically launch,accelerate their growth and expand.

These services provide benefits such as reduced costs for companies as well as strategic partnerships. We assist with consulting and implementation of services that benefit allowing companies to financially benefit and allowing businesses to save money and reduce stress for entrepreneurs seeking out these resources.

We Help Launch Entrepreneurs!

Seed Yourself!

The Smart Way 0% Interest

Be Your Own Angel!

& Keep your Equity

Capital Strong Ventures

Business Lines of Credit

*Introductory APRs Starting at 0.00%

12/15 & 18 Mos per pre-approval

Access the capital you need to start to grow your business. We understand capital is paramount for entrepreneurs, our priority is restoring business,and focusing on a new economy where businesses can thrive is our companies goal.

Helping you succeed and expand stimulates job creation.


Our Basic Requirements: -No Collateral

-No Income Documentation

-No Prior Operator Experience Required

-Articles of Incorporation

-Corporate Tax ID (EIN)

-Completed Application

*No Upfront Fees

*Introductory APRs Starting at 0.00%

*Receive a no obligation approval today with

a soft credit pull only! 680 FICO Min

Call us today 844-393-7878

1. Stated Income. No income documentation is required to qualify. No bank statements or tax returns needed.

2. Unsecured. This product is completely unsecured, non-collateralized. It is personally guaranteed by you.

3. Line Amounts: The combine total line amounts are up to $180,000, per borrower. If you want more, you can have a credit partner apply such as your spouse or business partner to double or even triple that amount.

4. Timing: The process takes about 2-3 weeks, plus or minus, depending on your situation.

5. Introductory Rate: The lines of credit carry a 0% introductory rate for 12-24 months. After the interest free period, the average blended rate is 12.99% annually.

6. Qualifying. You will receive a conditional preapproval within 48 hours, along with a Contract for Services that outlines some basic items that may be necessary to complete the file, and our services.

7. Performance Guarantee Fee: There are no upfront nor any recurring fees. Once the credit lines have been established, the company is due its one-time Performance Guarantee Fee of 11.99% based on the total aggregated credit lines amount, which is conveniently be paid through your business ACH automatic payment.

8. Credit Scores: There is no minimum score. Every profile is unique and may be able to be improved on very quickly to be able to qualify and receive funding. You retrieve your own credit report by establishing an account with for just one dollar. This company is owned by one of the 3 major credit agencies (Experian) and when you get your credit this way, it is a soft pull’ and does not show up as an ‘inquiry.’ You will join their monitoring service, which is $30/month. Remain a member until the credit line is in place; then you can cancel your membership if you wish.

9. Application: Complete our simple application, and email your report and the application back to us. If you have any questions, please contact me.

10. Service. What sets us apart is the white glove service in analyzing your credit, and suggesting to you on what could be done to maximize your lines, if needed. Our back office underwriting staff handles this, and we have many resources to help you. We also as courtesy walk our client through the steps of provisioning the lines into your business checking, which can later allow you to convert personal lines into business lines and improve your business credit score.

11. Business Credit Profile. This product will help build your business credit profile.

12. Monthly Payments. The minimum monthly payments are calculated at an average of 1.5% to 2% of amount drawn. During the 0% period, payments are directly applied to principal.

13. Minimum Credit Score. Generally 680. Credit scores can be raised, so even if yours is lower, you should still apply.

14. Derogatory Credit Items. If you have any unsatisfied tax liens, judgments, or collections, they must be cleared prior to approval. If this applies to you, we may be able to provide funds for you through a Merchant Cash Advance or an ACH Advance on your business checking account.

15. Existing Credit. For best results your existing credit revolving credit balances should be at no more than 45% of their maximum limits. Balances can be paid down during the application process. Some negative credit is acceptable and will influence final credit decision. If you have any unsatisfied tax liens, judgments, or collections, they must be cleared prior to approval. If this applies to you, we may be able to provide funds for you through a Merchant Cash Advance or an ACH Advance on your business checking account.


No Doc Business Capital

Start UP's #LaunchYourBusiness

#Existing Businesses


This is Business Credit Cards &

Business Lines of Credit

0% Interest 6 - 13 months

This is a "No Doc Funding Program" which is excellent for clients seeking capital for any Start Up needs such as tech services, clients building apps, launching new businesses and for entrepreneurs, startups and existing businesses seeking growth and expansion.

There are no financials needed, only a minimum FICO of 700 for up to $250K at 0% for 6 - 13 months. Cosigners are welcome as there is no seasoning required on the business. This Program gives entrepreneurs a feasible way to get their business started. Benefits of this program allow you as an entrepreneur to develop your business credit. If you are generating income and have been turned down for a business loan, or if you're looking to expand, buy inventory, or need more marketing and collateral this is an easier way to get funding within 7-15 business days.

The application can be completed directly on our website

700 FICO Button or Application link direct here at:

Please feel free to reach our Office:


Call Us Today For Other: Small Business Financing, Factoring, Equipment Financing

Capital Strong Advisory Offers

Tech Services:

We offer Advisory on Premier Tech Services including

Application Development #ios #android, SEO

eCommerce Solutions, Web Site Development, ERP

Branding, Digital Marketing & More.

Let our Team help build you build your App, brand business and enhance your tech assets.

To arrange a meeting to discuss your Tech Needs

Contact: Paige & Matt @ Capital Strong Ventures


Legal Solutions:

Smarter Legal Services for Business & Personal are available that make sense! Starting at $34.95/mo for Business review of contracts, letters and more (No need to pay $375+/hr) Personal & Family Plans Start at $19.95/mo

AI Marketing Campains

& Media Buy Solutions:

Our AI Marketing Program guarantees leads and offers free company profile testing prior, this allows you to see the rate of return using the program.

Media Buys at best rates: TV/Digital Media/Billboards

(As a member of a media buying syndicate purchasing large blocks of avails fromNetwork Cable Networks/Affiliates & Independent Broadcast Groups on a daily basis allows us to provide media guaranteed lower rates.)

Let us know your media needs and budget and we will acquire the inventory.

Government Contracting Services:

Registration, GSA licensing/Preferred

Vendor/Marketing and more.

Full Service HR Solutions:

HR Outsourcing, Payroll & Benefits, Risk & Compliance

Educational Services:

Webinars & Workshops

Start Up Educational Webinars

Financial Modeling, Near & Long-Term Strategic Roadmaps, Competitive Analysis, Investor & Funding Guidance,

Growth Strategies & Market Positioning

Strategy and Growth Consulting

Strategic/M&A Advice

Fundraising Advisory Services

Independent Valuations


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