Innovative Recruiting to make your Practice Competitive

New Competencies and Skills for the Digital Practice

Driving value added services to grow your business:

Traditionally you looked for talent that could bring in more business primarily through the networks they build, mostly driven by word of mouth. This was in an environment where the service offerings rarely changed. Today, the opportunities lie in precisely that zone. You want your talent to have the ability to spot gaps in the business ecosystem you deal with, to propose value based innovative offerings. The traditionally trained accountant does not come with such abilities. She needs to have a healthy dose of business analysis and entrepreneurial aptitude thrown into the mix.

Comfortable not just with a technology, but the ecosystem itself:

With hundreds of apps coming out every quarter and each one promising new workflow automation that improves over whatever existed, how do you stay comfortable with that? It is a problem of plenty where you know that having made the choices that align best to your workflow you have to resist the temptation to switch when something more appealing arrives. But then, you need to in the interest of progress and competitive advantage, make controlled changes. You need people who can handle this without fuss.

Information and Data Stewardship:

Cyber attacks are getting more sophisticated by the day and firms need to be in firm control of all their data, not just the sensitive lot. Cyber-security is not the only reason though. With artificial intelligence increasingly shaping emerging technology, a proper handle on data stewardship is fundamental to achieving actionable, insightful dashboards that will be your game changer. You need to find your data stewards in whatever role they are called to play. Well, if everyone cannot measure up, at least one champion for your practice is a must.

Subject matter expert for content driven marketing:

Traditional word of mouth and direct network based expansion will continue to hold on but a new breed of content generators are going to define competitive advantage when it comes to marketing and acquiring new clients. These are not your regular content copywriters we are talking about here. These are practitioners who rise to become thought leaders and generate content which is the hot currency of digital marketing. Such talent is bred right within your operations workflow. Can you get hold of them?

Non traditional approaches for acquiring such talent

Channels that others like you are finding more effective:

It is not just technology that is altering your space. Demographic shifts are happening. More women are starting up practices as well as those under 30 years old. Middle level and senior level managers are looking out for emerging opportunities that represent better growth potential compared to traditional compliance services. These changes are persuading early movers to discard traditional recruiters in favour of LinkedIn, direct networking and word of mouth. The legwork is being brought in as it seems to yield a better outcome in terms of finding the right talent

Outcome defined, value based roles. How can you make it work for you:

If you can sit down and commit the outcome you are looking for in writing, you immediately give yourself the advantage of multiple options to consider. Most entrepreneurs who have used virtual resources successfully point out the ability to create written job descriptions that are outcome oriented as the key success factor.

Recruit or Out task in an environment where even offshoring has become traditional.

It is true that accounting firms are looking to offshore basic work more than ever. The favored destinations are Philippines, Vietnam and India. However, in the digitally disrupted environment we are dealing with, even this is old hat. If you have mapped your workflows and written down outcome defined roles, you will be ready to examine and test out permutations and combinations across talent represented locally that can be recruited or virtually that can be innovatively engaged.

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