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The book "Revolution: an Introduction to the Art and Science of Worldview Warfare" is now available on Amazon!

Olive Informatics is about my life's journey of seizing global opportunities to have extraordinary experiences and gain uncommon knowledge

battleDon is a multimedia project exploring my Worldview Warfare theory

lifeDon is a multimedia project exploring my motivations and interests

Music has been a lifelong interest of mine

These days, I am into House, Jazz, and Afro-Latin music

But my deep interest in music began with Hip Hop

...from imitating Hip Hop video routines and later winning freestyle rap battles (in the U.S. and abroad)
...on to designing digital artworks and later publishing scientific research
Website (top) and Album covers (bottom)

read my peer-reviewed research article on Hip Hop's military value!

I earned a B.S. in Computer Science from The University of the South: Sewanee and an M.S. in Security Informatics from Indiana University: Bloomington

I have also studied advanced topics in Mathematics (University of Alabama: Tuscaloosa), Electrical Engineering (Washington University: St. Louis), and Computer Science (Monash University: Melbourne, Australia)

discover more of my technology-related work on the desktop version of Olive Informatics

from exploring the economic and political aspects of wireless society in Japan firsthand during my first technology internship
to working as an armed security guard in a rural Alabama casino upon finishing grad school during the last U.S. economic disaster

I have successfully navigated many sociocultural contexts: white collar-blue collar, conservative-liberal, foreign-domestic

Life is a journey

A successful journey, for me, would be to live a life that honors the sacrifices of my ancestors and my Creator

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