Gator Gazette Volume 2 Issue 6

April Showers

As a kid, I always hated the rain. I always loved bright sunny days. Even now as an adult, I enjoy getting outside on beautiful days and hiking, running, playing, and enjoying the sunshine. I can remember hearing the rhyme of “April Showers Bring May Flowers” from teachers when I was in school. I always dreaded hearing those words, because it usually meant indoor recess. Now when I hear “April Showers Bring May Flowers”, I no longer think of the negative but the positive. I am reminded that even the most unpleasant things, (like April showers), can bring about very enjoyable things in life, (like May flowers). Due to my lack of patience, I have a difficult time waiting for the flowers to bloom, but I have found that If I can find some patience, I will see that many of life’s greatest blessings come after difficult times. I hope you and your family will enjoy the beautiful flowers of May that are helped by the rainy days of April.

We are looking forward to our spring at Gilbert Elementary School. We love to see our students playing and working together. We appreciate our parents that partner with us to ensure an amazing educational experience for our children.

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Our character word for March was cooperation. Congratulations to our March Gators of the Month for being cooperative!

  • Pre K - Eli Baxter
  • Kindergarten - Leeland Mann
  • 1st Grade - Kershaw Parker
  • 2nd Grade - Maggie Russell
  • 3rd Grade - Trenay Ware
  • 4th Grade - Chyanne Martin
  • 5th Grade - Abigail Schrimpsher
  • CBE - Trista Hathorn

Our overall winner for Gator of the Month and winner of the prize pack was Abigail Schrimpsher. Congratulations!

Cooperative Gilbert Gators!

March Staff Member of the Month

Congratulations to our staff member of the month, Ms. Jessica Tudor! Ms. Tudor is always willing to serve in whatever capacity needed. We greatly appreciate her and all she does for our school! 💙💚

Hopefully by now, you've heard about the Great Gator Race happening on May 7th. It is a fundraiser to help out with our playground about which we are very excited. The Great Gator Race is a race course we set up for students on our campus at Gilbert Elementary. Students will be completing laps. Students earn prizes for collecting pledges or donations for completing laps. Students have been eagerly sharing about all the pledges they are collecting and how they are racking up those prizes! We can't wait until May 7th. It should be fun for everyone! The pledge sheet is available for download below, if you should need another one.

T-shirts for the Great Gator Race are on sale now. The last day to order is Friday, April 16th. Order yours before the deadline!

Dates to Know

  • April 16 Last Day to order Gator Race Tshirts
  • April 20 Math Section 1 Ga. Milestones
  • April 21 Math Section 2 Ga. Milestones
  • April 22 Science Ga. Milestones (5th Grade Only)
  • April 27 ELA Section 1 Ga. Milestones
  • April 28 ELA Sections 2 & 3 Ga. Milestones
  • April 29 Walker County Art Show
  • April 30 PBIS Pep Rallies
  • May 3-7 Teacher Appreciation Week
  • May 3-7 MAP Testing
  • May 7 Great Gator Race
  • May 13-14 Field Days


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