Baseball Begins by: Devin Bush

The 2017 Rams Baseball season is back in the swing of things and are ready to play.

Members of the team warm-up before practice begins.
After warm ups the team begins to throw to each other. Here Austin Farris (junior) Here they are stretching to make sure they get perfect form in their throws to get more strenth
Head Coach Aaron Hannon throws to freshman Brandon Hoffman, teaching him mechanics of a good throw.
Sophomore Wyatt Ashley dips his hand into a rice bucket to help build his speed and turning ability and be able to snap the bat faster and stronger.
Sophomore Kale Kibbler works on aligning his bat with the ball for a hit that will send the ball in the direction he chooses.
Senior Ben Benninghoff swings for a practice hit.
Juniors Ty Minton and Austin Farris discuss bat alignment during batting practice.
Here is a picture of the batting cage with the stations all around it.
Coach Hannon and side coach Garrett Sanders talk about workouts for the following week as players get the tarp off home plate.
Ben Says " I Hope to finish my senior year off with a win and hit some dingers"
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Devin Bush

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