Pieces of Why By: K.L going

In the first couple of pages the location is in a poor town. These people don't have enough Money for a big house. Their front porch is very empty and they barely have any grass

The specific locations in this book is Tia's house and the church. The church is where she sings choir for people. Tia's house is full of boxes for her moms business.

This happens during the modern days in fall. I imagine it to be like the leaves are changing and the people are starting to get colder.

The environment is very poor and they don't take very good care of their neighborhood. I imagine it to be like this because their is a group of people who spray paint walls and other things.

I think that their are multiple people in the choir. When there were gunshots all the children where in a room all squished together. The people in the choir don't live in Tia's neighborhood.

In the church there are risers and steeples. There are the rich people who wear the expensive clothes and there is Tia who wears a plain shirt and pants.

The overall feeling of the book so far was haunting and joyous. Tia is haunted by the gunshots that she gets nightmares from seeing what happened. It is joyous in the beginning of the book because tia is very happy. It is also terrifying because Tia runs into a group of people who gang up on her and so she has to run to her destination which is the church.

In the part where Tia goes to the church is part of contributing to the book. It contributes because she sings there and it's for a church. The Prestor of the church is there talking to the audience and then the group starts to sing. The choir sings the gospel which is a part of the church's religion.


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