Jess's Photography Collection Jessica Bayda, Grade 7, ASIA Sumas Mountain


This photo was to represent Light. This is meant to be a photo which is brightened by editing, although my photo was only slightly edited. I took this photo because I thought it would represent light well when brightened. The Model also has a good soul and attitude which is Light as well.

Model: Clarisse Romani


This photo was to represent Darkness. Dark photos are taken in very low lighting and are most commonly black and white. This photo was edited to be brighter because it was taken in complete darkness. I like this photo because the lens captured more than the eye could see.

Model: Emily Parker


This photo is an Abstract photo. An Abstract photo is sometimes called Non-objective and Experimental photography. Abstract photography is a different way of looking at things that are all around us. I took this photo because I thought her hair looked like a head with a tornado of thoughts within it.

Model: Barb Bayda


This is a Portrait photo. A Portrait photo is a photo of someones face and sometimes can be abstract (which mine is not). I took this side profile, which is not how a traditional Portrait is taken because she just looked so happy.

Model: Lauren Kennett

My Choice

I chose this photo for My Choice because I feel like it captures the beauty in a realistic setting and I like how the blinds cast shadow which create contrast of light and dark in my photo.

Model: Clarisse Romani


This is an H2O/water photo. An H2O photo is a photo which captures water in any of its forms. I think that it's cool how the water magnifies and kind of distorts the girl behind it in a still normal and realistic way.

Model: Chloe Tramm


This is a Macro photo. A Macro photo is a photo taken extremely close up. For my Macro photo I wanted to take a picture of change because I find it intriguing how much detail people fit onto such a small place.


This is a Landscape photo, which is exactly as it sounds. It is a photo of a landscape, which is normally taken horizontally. My Landscape photo is of a bunch of trees covered in snow at Manning Park Resort. I like this photo because the trees slowly disappear into the snowy sky.


This is a Dream photo. A Dream photo is a photo of something you would see in a dream or a nightmare. For my dream photo I thought that nothing would be as cool as being able to hold fire (which you could do in a dream). I made this holdable fire by lighting hand sanitizer on fire. This photo has not been edited at all.

Model: Gary Bayda

Double Exposure

This is a Double Exposure photo. A Double Exposure is a photo which combines two different photos into one. For my double exposure I combined a photo of the Pillars of Creation and a portrait of a girl. I used a filter called difference and I think it had a cool effect and it made the girl look like her skin was peeling off to reveal the Universe within.

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