Fashion and Interior Design II Portfolio By: Hana Blank

Cosmetic Bag

Cosmetic Bag

When we created our cosmetic bag our expectations were low. Everyone thought that it was going to be harder than it really was. We took two fat quarters, which is 18 by 21 inches, and trimmed them down to 14 by 21 inches. We then pinned both pieces of fabric with batting in the middle together in order to start the quilting. In order to quilt out fabrics and batting together we had to draw diagonal lines on the fabric that were the width of a ruler apart. These lines gave us an idea of where to quilt the fabric. Once the quilting was finished it was time to put on the zipper and the tabs on the sides which were the color of my inside fabric. Overall creating the cosmetic bag was a very easy process.

Stitch Book

Even Basting Hand Stitch
Plain Seam with Overcast
Tailor's Tack
Machine Blind Hem with Folded Under Edge Finish
Single Pointed Darts

We created a Stitch Book of the many different stitches used to make clothing. During this process there were many stitches that took little time to make like the Even Basting Hand Stitch but there were stitches that were more difficult such as the Single Pointed Darts stitch. All in all the stitch book taught us a lot about the creation of clothing and how our clothing is made.

Dress Replica

Dress Replica

We picked a famous designer's outfit to create a replica of. I created a dress by Liz Claiborne that was worn by Michelle Obama for many occasions. In order to make this dress I had to measure the dimensions of the barbie and create two pieces of fabric that would be sewn together to create the dress. In order to sew the two pieces of fabric together I had to hand stitch the dress together. This process was lengthy but turned out to be the best choice.

Housing Project

Housing Project

We created a house for our housing project. This project was to teach us the layers from the ground up in a house. We learned where everything was in the creation of a house including the rafters and studs of a house. This project was beneficial for our lives in the future because we will know what everything is when buying a house.

Fabric Testing

We tested fabrics for their absorbency, strength, stain resistance, heat resistance, thermoplasticity, solubility, and how they burn. These tests will help us in the future when we're doing laundry and working with fabrics.

Weaving Project

We created a weave with a loom in order to teach us how fabrics are made. Fabrics are weaved together to make clothing and other things. Some articles are made with a smaller weave or a bigger weave depending on how the article is made.

Dress Project

When we created our skirt or dress it seemed intimidating due to the fact that we had to use a new type of sewing machine we had never used before, a surger. The surger was used to sew our fabric together and cut off the excess that we didn't need. After using the surger the process of making the skirt was not as hard as we had thought. All we had to do was sew two lines at the top of the skirt and run elastic through it. These skirts and dresses have been everyones favorite project so far.


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